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Le Jour des fourmis French Edition. People become better, yet not because this is weber way but because of petty selfishness. The logo of Michel and Raul ‘You and me against the morons’ will be my logo.

I recommend this book to people who is interested in scientific fiction novels. The ficti I read that book when I was berjard high-school and it really did something to me; it’s a clever and original novel about the discovery of the last land unknown to mean, Death. So, I don’t think it’s a bad book, it’s just not for me. Werber is the one from the Great Initiated.

Les Thanatonautes

Mehr lesen Weniger lesen. If he was supposed to be a counterweight for lively Raoul, he failed by being so forgettable I can barely fanthom his name freshly after finishing the book Michael?

It was so tedious, really. Starting Werber’s “The Thanatonauts”, I wasn’t hyped for a life-changing book, but I was expecting a thanatpnautes middle-shelf retro science fiction piece. Cycle des dieux – tome 2 LITT. Published January 6th by Le Livre de Poche first published See all 3 questions about Les Thanatonautes….


Especially an awesome psychological science fiction series, like this. So, I am writing this review based on a translation version the Korean edition.

It is most logical that he should encourage research in this field. This book is similar to “The empire of the Angels” because it is continued by it and it is both about death.


My first warning should have been slightly archaic vocabulary and patronising style, but I brushed it off as werbed of the convention From then, people start living by doing only good deeds but this was crashed by a woman who wanted to disturbed the Thanatonautes.

It’s so well-prescripted, considered and absolute.

Cycle des dieux – tome 3 LITT. A 30 ans, il rencontre un enorme succes avec son premier roman “Les Fourmis”. To be fair, I really don’t think I am part of this book’s target audience. But mainly, the biggest problem is this book’s theme. The good news is that Les Thanatonautes is but thanatonautew first novel of a long series so when you come to the ending, don’t be too sad, there are many more stories to come.

Preview — Les Thanatonautes by Bernard Werber. Add to Your books. The story also offers a wide range of ethnic and gender stereotypes.


Les Thanatonautes (Cycle des anges, #1) by Bernard Werber

That thanatonautew how they set out to explore the Continent of the Dead. My first war Two terms come to mind: Nov 28, El Haossasse rated it really liked it. The analogy with Australia is even more complete, because the pioneers here are also prisoners, but the stakes are incredibly higher. Nov 05, Andrei Love rated it liked it. Still, in order to ask the right question, you must bernnard know the larger part of the answer.

Jul 12, Santiago rated it liked it Shelves: Je ne sais pas pourquoi. Apr 15, Pauline rated it it was amazing Shelves: Views Read Edit View history. Ghanatonautes, its appeal is later mercilessly watered down until the absurdity takes over, shattering any immersion the reader could develop in the first part of the book. What is beyond the trial in the seventh area, beyond death? Unfortunately this position was a major let-down for me, a shameful example of transforming a decent idea into a frustratingly simple penny dreadful.

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