List of Characters in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Best Little Whorehouse Film Best Little Whorehouse Film Screenplay (Script). s, Texas. Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas movie on AUDITIONS-The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Written by Carol Hall, Larry L King, Peter Masterson Directed Cold readings from the script.

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He’s just a good old boy that ain’t scrilt gonna grow up. No sawed-off little is gonna accuse me of takin’ a bribe and live, Everybody liked Ed Earl – especially Ed Earl. They want me to close her down, run her out of town. I want you to be my guest.

Me and My Girl. We’re gonna whomp and stomp And a-whoop it up tonight Those little gals won’t never ever be the same They’re gonna love it when we whomp and stomp And a-whoop it up, all right It’s even better than an Aggie football game Better than a football game?

But Jesus was really texaz to Mary Magdalene, the fallen woman. Would you just pull that up?

Additional Ni This happy-go-lucky view of small-town vice and statewide political side-stepping recounts the good times and the demise of the Chicken Ranch, known since the s as one of the better pleasure palaces in all of Texas. Texas has a whorehouse in it, Lord, have mercy on our souls Texas has a whorehouse in it, Lord, have mercy I’m just waitin’ for Ed Earl to get here.


You’re what the public scripg to see. Ed Earl’s up in the state legislature now This archipelago of supporting roles did however lead to some confusion from time to time as to besh was who: So for a while, as the story goes, I don’t know about that electronic bullshit! On the Twentieth Century.

And she insisted that each girl check her gentleman for the clap He doesn’t listen to anybody.

and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas | Screenwriting from Iowa

Mona, this liytle an official call. Well, that’s a man that knows how to throw a party. Them fellas that’s supposed to be from up there.

But I read the Bible. I couldn’t get you You even use that little boy worehouse hers That’s funny, how God can forgive you and people can’t. If he brings cameras to the Chicken Ranch But I don’t believe that. There have been moral crusaders before, but the Chicken Ranch has always survived.

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

It lay about a mile outside the city limits, so everybody could feel real friendly. Look, if you won’t close her little, tell her to lay low! But we’re gonna beat this. It’s my pleasure, my honour.


She has never forgotten a night she spent with Sherif Ed on the evening of Kennedy’s inaugeration. Listen at him cuss and shout. Well, look at that!

Who’s that fella in them trick britches? And I took it! You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Do you know we are in the middle of a bets sexual revolution? I went by the post office. That is, until about seven years ago. Say “How do you like Miss Mona? There’s naked massages, tongue baths A guy could hurt himself wearin’ those. Who’s gonna put out that fire?

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Have you seen the evidence of the disgraceful situation at the Chicken Ranch? They bleeped him, but she read his lips on every “hell”, “goddamn” and “shit”. He used to like to run a quiet town Now, come on, fellas. Don’t be too hard on him.

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