Bewketu Seyoum. likes · talking about this. OFFICIAL FAN PAGE. Bewketu Seyoum is a novelist and poet from Ethiopia. Currently he lives in. Bewketu seyoum. See more of Ethiopian poems የኢትዬጲያ ስነ-ፅሁፍ መድረክ on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Ethiopian poems. Bewketu Seyoum is a young Ethiopian writer from Gojjam, southwest of Addis Ababa. He studied psychology at Addis Ababa University and.

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Bewketu Seyoum Short Poems

The poison will cost you five birr. Glossary key wot — a traditional spicy stew made from cayenne peppers Ppoem — an upper-class area that has commercial and residential centers berbere — a richly colored spice mixture Editorial note: My father is bald and looks like a miser. A Sound Flag in Six Colors.

When I turned thirty, I bought myself a mirror for fifty birr and saw in my reflection that I had gone bald like he had. Once inside I quickly appraised the car and concluded it could not be worth more than twenty thousand birr.

At one point I thought, instead of depleting my pocket of fifty per day, why not just take my own life? I tried to tell myself that my tears were for others, not for me.

Bewketu Seyoum – Wikipedia

When we were done eating, we walked together to wash our hands. My left armpit began to itch, and as I lifted up my other arm idly to scratch it, a car pulled over thinking I was trying to hitch a lift.


As well as a license they would seyouum training that would help them to learn how to distinguish themselves from the unlicensed poor. Pom if I wished to remain the sort of gentleman used to being able to spend fifty birr a day, it seemed hardly fitting to submit to death brought about by a rope worth only a quarter.

I would indeed have to put an end to myself! Skip to main content. The door opened and there was a lady inside. I told her I was going home and she told me to get in, which I did.

I still have the seventy birr in my pocket that I left the house with, and I have decided I must go home with at least fifty. Walking is good for the health—it saves you from the headaches that come from having to pay for taxis.

The smell of the food got stronger while my difficulties got worse. The people assigned to remove the beggars will be compensated from funds created from a specially assigned budget. I spent another fifty birr and seyouj a hat—alas it is only baldness and not frugality that is hereditary. I figured the best option would be to use a noose.

It was a new establishment, and the eager staff, keen to create a good impression, gave me the VIP treatment. Prevent those that can be proven to be dishonest from begging. I could not take it anymore and covered my nose with my hand, pretending I had been amused by something. The funds necessary for the organization and implementation of such will come from a specially assigned budget.


Might you have this one? I cried in front of the mirror for a good twenty minutes. It was getting late. Then he came back to the dumpster and resumed his search. They stood around me, watching with anticipation as if I were the first person to ever taste a Coke. He read a paragraph and returned it to its place.

Bewketu Seyoum

Web Exclusives Translating Alice Walker: My inability to avoid spending was getting to be too much. Not a young lady, exactly, but nor would it be appropriate to label her old. The old man was right; when he said this, I had no choice but to get up, wash my hands, and join him.

At first only old or rusted cars, buses cloudy with dust, and mud-covered bulldozers drove by. It would not even have taken that long to install the faucet the water was coming from. Having made my decision, I stood on the side of the road at Arat Kilo and began to wait.

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