D., PROFESSOR OF SANSKRIT IN THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. PREFACE. OF the three Satakas or centuries of couplets ascribed to Bhartrihari, the Mti. Bhartṛhari is a Sanskrit writer to whom are normally ascribed two influential Sanskrit texts: scholarship. The name Bhartrihari is also sometimes associated with Bhartrihari traya Shataka, the legendary king of Ujjaini in the 1st century. Bhartrihari Nitishatakam. Front Cover. Bhartrhari, P. P. Sharma Bibliographic information. QR code for Bhartrihari Nitishatakam. Title, Bhartrihari Nitishatakam.

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Views Read Edit View history. An evil man should be avoided though he be adorned with learning.

You were to me even as myself; I was as yourself to you. You have not borne up the world for a moment, and so relieved the weariness of Sesha.

We have, however, seen that Vikramaditya was said to be the brother of Bhartrihari. The ideas contained in these slokas may suggest i Pet.

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Thanks many times over! Man should give himself up to the works of religion, to study of the Scrip- ture, to the exercise bhartdihari liberality, to the instruction and the benefiting others ; he nitishatakaam offer sacrifice to the deities and C 34 Nfrl SATAKA. The Mridanga is made of wood, and has two mouths. Poems from the Sanskrit. You may have enjoyed a meal of good food: Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. The first three of these incarnations are apparently connected with some Hindu traditions of the Deluge ; that of Varaha, or the boar, is referred vhartrihari Ntti Sataka, Mis.


Tena is used as correlative to yadi by an unusual construction Telang. That only can be given which is in the world ; it would not be possible to give a hare’s horn to any one.

Brian Hodgson’s ‘ Miscellane- ous Essays’ will be found very valuable both bhartrigari the philologist and the ethnologist.

Bhartṛhari – Wikipedia

If a man be truly seeking unity with the Supreme Being, all earthly pleasures and powers seem worthy only of the notice of low-minded men. Women who are young avoid the man whose head is grey with age and the man who is enfeebled by years.

I look on the favours of this world only as so much grass. This stanza is one containing a play upon words through- out.


The son of Himalaya would have behaved far more nobly if he had allowed enraged Indra to cut off his wings with the thunderbolt breathing forth huge masses of flame, and had not, when his father was helplessly subject to cala- mity, sought a refuge by throwing himself into the ocean. Edkins notices in terms of just condemnation the exaggerated praise bestowed nitishstakam Buddhism by recent English writers.

Abstinence from destroying life, keeping one’s hands off another’s wealth, speaking the truth, seasonable liber- ality according to one’s power, not conversing with the wives of other men, checking the stream of covetousness, reverence towards spiritual fathers, compassion towards 48 VAIRAGYA SATAKA.

If he has anger in his heart, what further enemy need he fear? A Short History of Sanskrit Literature. A kalpa is supposed to be a day and night of Brahma, and to equal 4,, years of men.


Vide Niti SataJca, Miscellaneous, sloka 6. Through the power of constancy fire becomes even as water, the ocean becomes but a rivulet, Mount Meru becomes only a small stone, a lion becomes as harmless as an antelope, a savage beast becomes a garland of flowers, poison is turned into nectar.

This site uses cookies. The unbroken tradition, moreover, that they are the authorship of one man whatever his name may be should not go for nothing. Remember me on this computer. Therefore, to derive any satisfactory conclusion as to dates from the mention of the Puranas in the Vairagya Sataka, we should require to know what Puranas are referred to in the particular passages whether the works known to us as Puranas or those known under that name to Amara Sinha.

Life is as uncertain as the waves of the sea; the glory of youth remains but a short time ; wealth passes away like a thought ; all the pleasure in the world endures but a lightning-flash through the heavens ; the embraces of your beloved whom you clasp to your breast will not be for long.

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