The Bicycle Wheel is a treatise on wheelbuilding by Jobst Brandt. Overview[edit]. The Bicycle Wheel is an educational book that explains the structural theory of. This is the 3rd Edition of Jobst Brandt’s classic work, a necessary reference for any aspiring wheel builder and a handsome addition to any cycling lover’s library . Tributes have been paid from all quarters of the world cycling community to engineer and author of The Bicycle Wheel Jobst Brandt, who has.

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Jobsr is a valid approach to the subject, but in my experience the addition of the occasional story and joke can help make technical material more digestable.

Rims and Spokes Anodized vs. It has happened to me multiple times. For more details, see my article on spoke tension. For light-weight, high-performance wheels, aluminum nipples are available.

Jobst Brandt’s The Bicycle Wheel

The left-side spokes will be loose enough that it will not be hard to turn the nipples even dry, and if you grease them they may loosen up of their nobst accord on the road. All through the writing is precise and direct. I would love to see an updated version that looks at modern trends in wheel design with the same no-nonsense and data driven perspective. Using thinner spokes on the left side avoids most of the problems which the looseness causes — also see John Allen’s article. Sep 11, Ben rated it really liked it Shelves: Some wheelbuilders do this by flexing the whole wheel, others by grabbing the spokes in groups of 4 and squeezing them together.

There are only a few topics uobst are not discussed. You also need to keep monitoring the tension on the freewheel-side spokes. It you want information on whimsical patterns such as the crow’s footet. It’s a shame that it’s so old, though. These terms may be confusing, because all of the spokes contribute to driving, they are all under tension and they all pull.


Most of the material below originally appeared in the rec. There is more likelihood of damage to the bicycle’s fork and frame.

Non-production wheelbuilders usually put the spokes in one “group” at a time. The sideways force on these wheels increases the tension of outboard spokes at the bottom of the wheel, while the weight load decreases it. A “mechanic” who has not mastered this basic skill brandf be considered to be a fully-qualified, professional, and will always feel inferior to those who can list wheelbuilding among their skills. Because of the association of spoke wheels with exotic, high-performance bikes, the manufacturers were able to cut corners and save money while presenting it as an “upgrade!

Use a claw hammer, which has a nearly flat face. The high amount of dishing withr more and more sprockets has caused an increase in spoke breakage on the left side of rear wheels. Brandt is a regular contributor to the rec. This site includes a page on how to measure the brrandt and rim to get the numbers you need to enter into a weel calculator.

Add to cart Show Details. The best wheels can be built by those who’ve thoroughly assimilated The Bicycle Wheel; Sheldon Brown, the great bicycle mechanic, believed it too, and collated Jobst’s thoughts on other matters of importance to cyclists at http: For example, here are his hundred most recent posts.

Why build wheels?

This book will give you the understanding you need to sort out these arguments. In the case of the bandt radial ” cross 0 pattern, the spokes go straight out from the hub without crossing at all. You often can’t get new spokes past thread-on parts. If the freewheel side is correctly tensioned, and the wheel is correctly dished, the left side will be quite a bit looser.


The point pokes into the hole in the middle of the spoke nipple, and helps keep the driver from mobst off. Insert a spoke into any hole, but this time from the inside of the flange.

The Bicycle Wheel – Jobst Brandt – Google Books

This volume answers questions such as: Randy rated it it was amazing Mar 16, I might better have taken the loss of true as a red-flag warning. When you are done, double check around the rim to make sure that every other spoke goes to the opposite flange of the hub. Part One, Theory, explains how wheels respond to loads. This is a pretty good book. No attempt has been made to try to make the book fun to read.

Thus, for the ultimate in strength, make a wheel with 36 or even more! Once there begins to be a little bit of tension on the wheel, you should start bringing it into shape. Now that I had some experience, I wanted hints on how to make my wheels even better.

Many of the topics covered in the book are surprisingly relevant to current trends in spoked mountain bike wheels.

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