IN March , Archbishop Benson Idahosa, the flambouyant founder of. Church of God Mission International Incorporated died and left his. Biography of Archbishop Benson Idahosa, His Ministry, Impact and Exploits This is one of the most fascinating Biography, i have ever read in recent. Archibishop Benson Idahosa Biography,who was the pioneer founder / grand patron of church of God mission int’l. Today marks the 20th year since Idahosa’s.

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As I admire such grace,wisdom,power,and annointing you carry and demostrate,Am believing God for double portion of same.

Idahosa, Benson Andrew

Lucy loves baking and watching movies! Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. If only they will honour me with their wealth, I shall make them to be prosperous in all areas of their lives. Bertrand Itoe Motale says: I shall bless your partners and co-workers.

Biography Of Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa

Benin City respects and salutes this great man of God, even at death. Bishop FEB Idahosa is a born trans-generational leader who showcases godliness and excellence wherever he goes and in whatever he does amongst his peers. One of our friends told our eldest child that I was on the way to meet him. Newer Post Older Bendon Home.

The corpse sneezed, heavily, alas. In shouldering major decision making Bishop FEB has always been able to combine intelligence and the wisdom of God with a listening ear for beneficiaries, staff and management of the various establishments under his leadership; this has brought about the exceptional progress and development these establishments have experienced over the years.

The gospel of Christ came to us with flamboyance. And those are the things I know about him. To me PAPA is one the greatest man that ever walk the earth! This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat That was the last message he preached to the women.


Anonymous Wednesday, August 01, He demonstrates excellent leadership qualities in a multi-generational environment, ifahosa helps nurture the students of the university into developing their leadership potential. He preached also biobraphy the Bible School before he went to lunch with a team from Or Roberts University. As a young convert he became very zealous in winning souls and in conducting outreaches in villages around Benin City.

Email her on sisterhelene4christ gmail. He did this in the evening while he worked for a shoe company Bata during the day. Languages Deutsch Edit links.

How Archbishop Idahosa died – Wife – Vanguard News Nigeria

A claim made by Idahosa that he had raised eight people from the dead was dropped when challenged by the Advertising Standards Authoritywho sought evidence that the individuals concerned had in fact been dead. Retrieved 26 September And he said he would travel in March and that he would be by himself and will not interact with anybody.

I am inspired,I am walking to my calling with a great determination and faith. Lord hear my prayers. He was threatened once about the demolition of the 2, capacity Faith Miracle Centre built in by the government.

Benson Andrew Idahosa was born in Benin now Edo state as an unhealthy child into a poor family. He was converted by Pastor Okpo on a football field one Sunday afternoon while playing soccer with his teammates. May 30, at 1: More people confessed Christ as their Saviour, and more healings occurred as he prayed for the sick.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. June 13, at 8: When he was eighteen months old he was left on a rubbish heap to die. Bensson one of the visions God showed him a big dry tree with branches that had no leaves but it had branches and God put him under the tree.


Idahosa, the elders of his church and Elton began to organize Gospel meetings in stadiums. Idahosa was the greatest African bensom of the apostolic Christian faith to the world.

Later Idahosa struggled to be educated up to secondary school this was due to lack of finance. This man was a great man of God he has really thought me alot I admire him a lot. By then my children were all abroad and I said I would be staying with them one after the other and then come over to Benin to see how the ministry was being run.

God truly blessed him. What were his dreams that he could not accomplish before he died? Let us look back to the time you married your late husband. In Biogrqphy Idahosa lost his father during the Civil War riots. He was the first black African evangelist to shake Australia in a massive crusade that got national attention. Notify me of new posts by email. He had gone to play football at a pitch near a Salvation Army church on a Sunday afternoon when he succumbed to the temptation to aim his shot at the head of the pastor through one of the open windows.

Expatriates come in to show us how to exploit the oil, today we teach the world how to explore the Bible. To have those testimonies of papa healings and raising people from the dead you can see my book 20 Pentecostal Pioneers in Nigeria bneson I believe everything that God asked him to do he did.

Pastor Abraham Kale-Wells says:

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