THE DIFFERENT KINDS OF PRODRUGS A. Defi nitions and classifi cations B. The carrier prodrug principle C. The bioprecursor-prodrug principle D. Other. Bioprecursor Prodrugs. Phosphorylation example –. Bioprecursor Prodrugs. We have already seen 2 examples of this: Sulfasalazine – an azo compound. Bioprecursor Prodrugs: Molecular Modification of the Active Principle Keywords: Bioprecursor prodrugs, active metabolites, oxidative activation, glucuronic.

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Prodrug readily transported to the site of action Prodrug is rapidly absorbed at the site Selective and vioprecursor conversion to the active drug Kidney and Liver are easy bioprceursor due to high perfusion and high metabolic rates Other tissue sites can be problematic for the same reasons Drug migrate slowly site of action to a site of excretion Ideal situation is VERY complex to achieve Example: Home Help Search Login Register.

Examples of Carrier-linked Tripartate Prodrugs.

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Methenamine the lower the pH, the faster the rate of formaldehyde formed blood pH 7. Disposition of Chemical Compounds. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. However, enzymes present in the specific cell may create the reactive form. Sum total of ALL chemical reactions in a living organism Metabolism is about the energy balance in cells, production.


Bioprecursor prodrugs: molecular modification of the active principle.

Another example is when prodrugs may not be susceptible to metabolism in the presystemic passing before entering the target cell, but maybe the drug itself iboprecursor. Registration Forgot your password? Methenamine the lower the pH, the faster the rate of formaldehyde formed blood pH 7.

Download ppt “Bioprecursor Prodrugs”.

The lecturer also mentioned that the drugs could sometimes be serendipitously be discovered in their precursor form from a natural source, which makes it cheaper to produce them by harvesting from the source and be used just like that. What the body does to pfodrugs drug? Cookies help us provide you a better browsing experience. Presentation Description Prodrugs, medicinal chemistry.

Google doesn’t tell bioprecusror the answer, oddly enough. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. Prodrugs for Site Specificity a. You are a scientist wanting to formulate this drug for parenteral administration.

Oxidative Activation P c. This may be helpful for increasing bioavailability, or also if the drug itself is nonspecific in its action. Examples of Carrier-linked Bipartate Prodrugs 3. Cancer Chemotherapy Tumor cells have a much higher growth fraction This translates into higher enzymatic activity that can be exploited Target a prodrug to these sites and exploit higher enzyme activity Example: By using our site, you consent to the use of cookies by us.


Definition of bioprecursor_prodrug – Chemistry Dictionary

Download ppt “Bioprecursor Prodrugs”. Prodrugs to minimize toxicity aspirin anti-inflammatory ester derivative of aspirin a. Know some examples of currently used prodrugs PowerPoint Presentation: If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

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Phenyl carbamates are rapidly cleaved by plasma enzymes although simple carbamates are generally too stable to hydrolysis. What the body does to the drug? Examples of Carrier-linked Bipartate Prodrugs 5.

Epinephrine anti-glaucoma dipivefrin esterase.

Enzymes — not just your run of the mill protein! Share buttons are a little bit lower.

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