BioScope Resolve. The Most Advanced AFM for Life Science Research. Andrea Slade, PhD. Senior Life Sciences Applications Scientist. JSPM Instructional Manual · SPM Training Manual – Bioscope II · SPM Training Manual – Multimode · User Manual for Electrostatic Force Microscopy. Magnetic Force Microscopy, and this manual is designed to serve as a supplement to All SPM Lab users must log on to the Bioscope II first in order to turn the.

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In NanoScope software, the LookAhead gain value may be adjusted between a range of 0 off to 16 maximum. With the arc lamp ignited, repower the BioScope controller and computer.

Bioscope Manual for SWI

Note that Sensitivity can be expressed in terms of the photodiode voltage versus the distance traveled by the piezo, or the voltage applied to the piezo, depending on the setting of the Units parameter.

To correct for cumulative error, our second balloonist, Irene, utilizes integral gain.

Side margin icons are used within some chapters to divide information according to image type TappingMode, contact AFM, etc. These commands are only initiated by clicking with the mouse. At point 5, the spring force of the cantilever equals the attractive forces between the tip and the sample.

Der Laser sollte niemals an die Mikroskopelektronik angeschlossen werden, wenn er nicht in der Halterung der Z-Verschiebeeinheit installiert ist. Arbeiten mit dem Laser! The lower-left screw moves the laser spot rightto-left as shown on the computer screen detector graphic and top-to-bottom biosvope axis on the dark red laser spot screen directly on the SPM head. Unfortunately, if the integral gain is set too high, there is a tendency to overshoot the setpoint.

BioScope™ Instruction Manual

This has the advantage of dissipating very little energy to the sample surface. Move the sample to the area of interest using the stage manipulator.


The NanoScope imaging system utilizes over parameters. LFM— Lateral force microscopy; lateral force microscope. The sample surface is in close proximity to the cantilever. This is especially important on soft materials such as biological samples.

When handling a plugged-in AFM head, be conscious of its orientation. It has been determined that the microscope produces better data in TappingMode when the Drive frequency is set lower than the resonance peak of the cantilever.

The input signal can be reduced by a factor of eight to see more of the Force Calibration plot’s signal amplitude. In this case, fully tighten both laser aiming screws CWthen unscrew CCW both screws one full turn.

The harder the tip is pressed into the sample, the more RMS oscillation is reduced. It is better always to start too high than to crash the tip into the sample. The saw cut should be approximately on the edge of the slide. Use the optical microscope biosfope focus on the top surface of the sample.

For booscope, at a proportional gain of 1, if the balloon is 25 meters too low, he opens his valve at 10 liters per second; if the balloon is 50 meters too low, he opens his valve at 20 liters per second.

This is described for a 0. As the tip traces various surface features, its upward and downward movement shifts the beam between upper and lower photodiode components, creating voltage differences which are electronically rendered into height information. This poses a dilemma to the balloonists: This is usually about 1 to 4V. Rubber Protective Skirt 7. The display monitor also presents a linear scale of the Z piezo voltage. Focusing on the bottom of the sample may cause the cantilever to crash.

Before enabling the Interleave Drive Amplitude, check that its value is not much larger than the main Drive Amplitude value to prevent possible damage to the tip. The detector screws are the main adjustments for the Laser Signal offsets.


There are some subtleties in general shape that should be understood to gain the best advantage from the silicon nitride tips when imaging samples with steps bioxcope 0. Be careful to verify that the bottom of the sample is NOT being observed. If more clearance between the tip and sample is desired, use the manual move command to move the SPM up. Caution statements identify conditions or practices that could result in damage to the NanoScopeequipment or other property, and in extreme cases, possible personal injury.

Unplugging tipholders from the end of the scanner tube removes a partial barrier to the laser beam; tipholders should always be removed manjal pulling straight down, away from the operator.

Vacuum System A vacuum sample holder system is featured for use with standard microscope slides and petri dishes. Introduction Installation Figure 3.

BioScope™ Instruction Manual |

Under the Motor menu select the Step Motor command. Therefore, integral gain is highly sensitive and must be used carefully. The SPM is connected to the front of the controller with the D-type cable. The microscope SPM head assembly may also be detached and operated separately from the inverted microscope for larger samples see Figure 3. Head assembly support may be detached to operate separately as a “stand alone” unit.

Set the two gains as high as possible starting with the Integral gain without causing oscillations to appear in your image. Changing the value of this parameter in the Force Calibration mode also changes the Real-time setpoint in the Real-time control panel.

Unfortunately, more energy is transferred to the sample surface while scanning at this operating point.

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