The Building Integration System (BIS) is a modular, extensible If you wish to extend an existing BIS V (adding an engine or single . BIS-GEN-ADPACK. EMEA BIS Refitting Approval form – Building Integration System version . , BIS-GEN-ADPACK, F01U, BIS Alarm Document. Order nmber BIS-GEN-ADPACK Alarm management package License bndle containing Message distribtion, Timer, Operator alarm, and Application lancher.

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Compatible with the models: Useful amines also include polyoxyalkylene polyamines such as those of the formulae: STR17 wherein the D 10 ‘s, which may be the same or different, are hydrogen or a substituted group, such as a hydrocarbon group, for example, alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, aryl, etc.

Used with roller shutters of tall dimensions. Enables to lock previous Technivis and Vis Frein gearboxes.

Calam̩o РGeneral catalogue Edition

Grey strap for all the versions. Use Mounts on all models of endplate: Enables the mounting of flanges and pulleys.

Set delivered in individual bag with strap outside. Exemplary of such cycloalkyl groups are cyclopropyl, cyclobutyl, cyclopentyl, cyclohexyl, 2-ethylcyclohexyl, cyclooctyl, cyclodecyl, and the like. Representative examples of such materials, and their methods of preparation, are found in U.

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B S Delivered in individual bags Use Finger plate for built-in coilers. Hen to use set. Use Allows the mounting of the spindle bracket for connection to the box axle without he use of a sleeve.


OPC interfaces, Internet technologies, etc. Examples of alpha, beta-ethylenically unsaturated thiocarboxyamides of formula XII are 2-butenthioamide, 2-hexenthioamide, 2-decenthioamide, 3-methylheptenthioamide, 3-methylbutenthioamide, 3-phenylpropenthioamide, 3-cyclohexylbutenthioamide, 2-methylbutenthioamide, 2-propylpropenthioamide, adpaco, 2,3-dimethylbutenthioamide, 3-cyclohexylmethylpententhioamide, N-methyl 2-butenthioamide, N,N-diethyl 2-hexenthioamide, N-isopropyl 2-decenthioamide, N-phenyl 2-pententhioamide, N-tertiary butyl 2-propenthioamide, N-octadecyl 2-propenthioamide, N-N-didodecyl 2-decenthioamide, N-cyclopropyl 2,3-dimethylbutenthioamide, N-methyl 3-phenylpropenthioamide, 2-propenthioamide, 2-methylpropenthioamide, 2-ethylpropenthioamide and the like.

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Used adpaack direct pull or metallic chain. QQ with 50 or 60 mm octogonal tube, gearbox torque. Increasing complexity of technical bilding eqipment The increasing complexity of technical eqipment inside bildings reqires a powerfl management system which combines the most varied fnctions e.

Single-block bracket of variable shapes at rail connection level model detail see next page. Supplied with screw to fix the handle Supplied with sealing REF.

Use Fixed with screw on the endslat. Furthermore, the utilization of the dispersant additives of the instant invention allows a reduction in the amount of V.

For example, about 0. Use On gear side of opposite side REF. Good attributes of endurance in fatigue and excellent QQ Reinforcements: Preferably, the polyamine reactant contains at least one primary amine and more preferably from 2 to 4 primary amines group per molecule, and the polyamine and the unsaturated reactant of formula XIII are contacted in an amount of from about 1 to 10, more preferably from about 2 to 6, and most preferably from about 3 to 5, equivalents of primary amine in the polyamine reactant per mole of the unsaturated reactant of formula XIII.

  ASTM C876 - 09 PDF

Use Allows mounting of the D.

BIS – Overview and basic package V2.5

The application lancher allows to start exectables. Guaranteed on 10 cycles: With 2 bores M5 for blocking the carriage for transport.

Delivered with protection Ref. Thereafter, the resulting intermediate adduct is reacted with the olefin polymer substituted mono- or dicarboxylic acid material to hen the desired dispersant.

Any polyamine, whether aliphatic, cycloaliphatic, aromatic, heterocyclic, etc. Video iber Optic edia Converters iber Optic edia Converters www. Yo may increase the nmber of divisions in steps of one. Use Provides the connection between the guide and the bracket plate.

LB Slat 8 mm 11 Raw 50 The primary function of a dispersant is to maintain oil insolubles, resulting from oxidation during use, in suspension in the oil thus preventing sludge flocculation adpaci precipitation.

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