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With the study results, adsorption isotherms for each acid were shown on diagrams, and the appropriate isotherm type was determined. Bu da ancak polimer malzemelerin modllere entegrasyonuyla salanabilmektedir.

Bu almada sspansiyon sisteminin ve ara gvdesinin dinamik davranlar gerek tat ve sspansiyon sistemini temsil eden bir deney dzenei zerinde aratrlacak ve gelitirilecek olan aktif kontrolc ile elde edilen sonular tartlacaktr. Resorcinol 1,3-dihydroxybenzene was selected as the probe molecule for the developed method. After solving the base model, analysed few different degins which are modelled to reduce that recoil fore. However, this process has many disadvantages like high energy demand and complicated equipment design etc.

Samples of this study are prepared previously using granule PET and isotactic PP with the method of melt mixing in a single screw extruder including a static mixer. Inhibitors of Collagenase EnzymeIn this study, the inhibitory effects of chemical compounds and ethyl alcohol extracts prepared from different plants were investigated on the activity of collagenase besleke has an important value in health and cosmetic area.

In the bitk part, the process capability analysis issues are discussed. Gelien teknolojinin malzeme ihtiyalar, malzemelerin gbrleme daha stn performans gstermesini gerektirmektedir. In this study, crystallization properties of structures that are obtained by mixing different amounts of components of poly ethylene terephthalate PET polypropylene Kitabb blends are investigated.


Resorcinol is fluorescent, but its chlorination products are not. In this thesis, CdS catalysts, sensitive to the visible region of the solar spectrum, are synthesized using hydrothermal method, doped with Pt, and also synthesized as binary metal sulfides MS-CdS. The fluorescence intensity of resorcinol is attenuated as a result of its reaction with HOCl.

L-1 ve nderitirme faktr 20 olarak bulunmutur. Glioksilik asit doal olarak oluan renksiz katdr ve endstride kullanldr. Tezde, Mars gemiinde muhtemelen suyun ve daha youn atmosferin olduu ne kan bilgiler arasndadr.

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Bu almada kullanlm aartma topra yeni bir adsorbent elde etmek iin ham madde olarak seildi. Different models have been put forward for the tectonic evolution of the Sakarya Zone and surrounding, which imply either a northwards subduction or a southwards subduction of the Paleotethys ocean. Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells PEMFC consisting of polymer based membranes are used as an important alternative power source for portable applications. Bitki aylarnn analize hazrlanmasnda dier klasik ekstraksiyon yntemlerine Soxhlet ekstraksiyonu, sv-sv ekstraksiyonu ve kolon kromatografisi-nderitirmesi vb.

Skarn tipi Kirazren demir cevherlemesi Orta Eosen sonras yal amba kuvars siyenitleri ile st Kretase yal kirata iitab dokananda ve etrafnda bulunmaktadr. In conclusion, a fluorometric method for more sensitive, simple and selective measurement of HOCl scavenging activity of antioxidants individually and in complex matrices compared to the existing methods in literature was developed.


Bu durum cevherlemenin bu scaklk deerlerinin zerinde ve yksek tuzlulukta olutuuna iaret etmektedir.

Bu zellik reaksiyon verimi asndan ok nemli olmutur. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of component ratios in PET PP mixtute and the existance of compatiblizer on the crystalization kinetics.

Chemical alterated sediments are were also contributed in to the sediments during this specific phase. Polimer elektrolit membran yakt hcrelerini kullanlan yakt tipine bal olarak kendi arasnda balca ikiye ayrmak mmkndr.

Thiosemicarbazones that are most widely studied are sulphur and nitrogen consisting ligands. The paleolatitudial results from the rocks which show primary magnetization indicate that the Sakarya Zone is a part of Eurasia.

Deneysel verilerden yola klarak dalma katsays ve ayrma faktr deerleri hesaplanmtr. The stress concentration factor was calculated, using gbrleeme equations in the charts and numerically ANSYS software with finite element method.

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BDDT ile F florlama reaksiyonu, Fin kurutulmas basama ile florlama reaksiyon ortamnn optimize edilmesi iin gerekletirilmitir. Soy proteins can alternatively be used for children having allergy to animal proteins. The oxidation reaction rates were calculated and the activities of catalysts were compared.

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