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Label both paths parting from Was the ticket resolved?

How to’s > Bizagi tutorial

Use the search box located at the upper right tutkrial, to browse for a given case. Over the following steps, carry out a similar procedure is carried out for these sub-items in Pages 24 in total:. Business rules support both: Click New user to repeat the same steps to create a fourth and final user.

The path labeled Yes is now properly set no longer highlighted.

For this tutorial, create four end users: Defining forms means building how the process presents and captures information for the users during the Help desk process.

Select Default Assignation users from the drop-down list and click OK. For this new one, change the type of data it manages from String to File. Over the next steps, complete the process diagram, by using some of the features you have learned. Click New user to these same steps, for a third user. Close the Process Modeler and click Yes when prompted to save changes:.

This modifies the default algorithm employed by Bizagi to distribute workload among end users who meet the assignment condition:. If you want to review this ready-to-use process, or others, visit the Bizagi Process Xchange.

This condition is now configured so that Analyze and resolve is assigned to the user with least amount of work, who has the role of ” Service agent “. You can choose to include up to two attachments as evidence to support the ticket.

Use the shortcut at the step of the wizard, to directly jump to step five Performers:. If you did not fill in a required field Subject, Detailed description or SeverityBizagi displays a prompt to remind you to provide the missing information:. Detailed description, Severityand Ticket attachments. At this point, the parameter entity is properly set up, and no further configuration is needed within Bizagi Studio for the scope of this tutorial.


Repeat the starting procedure you have used to define an assignment condition:. Business keys prevent you from adding duplicate values, implement use of indexes for best performance, enforce exchanging information with other systems while using security by obscurity and ensuring the correct logical record is addressed. Enter Critical for this field and input S01 for the Code. This case has already moved forward into the Confirm solution activity.

Click the icon next to Define forms in its drop-down list select Define expressions: The activity’s default Task 1 text highlights and you can rename this shape. You can also make the diagram tidier by resizing the lanes by clicking the Help desk process Pooland then relying on standard mouse resizing options to shorten its height. As when defining forms, the elements which haven’t been configured yet are highlighted with yellow shadowing.

Add details in the Basic Information tab, for the first user.

Add these as String type attributes to store text. Speed up your learning process.

Click Add when done. You can confirm this by clicking the View summary icon, where the state of the case is shown as “Successfully completed”:. Be your best with our tailored training, based on the perfect blend of your skills and needs. In general, defining Entity data types lets you define reusable entities which you can navigate into, starting from the one currently standing on HelpDesk.


Course Catalog Speed up your learning process. You may of course, further customize and extend this process by including additional activities and business scenarios. Certifications The purpose of our certifications is to enable individuals tutorjal test the specialized knowledge and skills they need to deliver high-quality Bizagi projects successfully.

Each of the different devices in Bizagi display the information while leveraging some native controls to provide best usability.

Bizagi Maintenance

Real end users are never created inside of Bizagi Studio, but in the actual runtime environment by means bizzgi the Bizagi Vizagi portal the application that presents the processes to end users.

This is the UI, the user interface. Certifications Ready to test your power to ignite the digital transformation journey? Click Add to include four new attributes and give them names. Click Add to define two new String attributes. Defining performers means configuring the algorithms and conditions employed, for each of the different Activities, so Bizagi can assign workloads to process participants.

Notice that Report ticket no longer displays an alert because its user interface has been configured. Click the Based on the result of an expression checkbox:. Click Ticket attachments to configure how this form allows end users to upload files. Learning Journeys When it comes to projects, we all have a different role to play. Refer to a previously created one. Subject, Detailed description, Severity, Ticket attachments, Solution steps and Documentation comments.

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