The Brewers Association’ beer style guidelines reflect, as much as possible, historical significance, authenticity or a high profile in the current. Now you have a full copy of the BJCP Style Guidelines at your finger tips! Whether you’re a beer judge, a homebrewer, or an enthusiast, this free app will come. While pondering entering an NEIPA into a competition, I wondered when there may be a new edition of the BJCP style guidelines released as.

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Once I find out if I get in I will focus on passing the question online test. So yes you should study the style guidelines well and know the ins and outs of most styles but if your brain is at max capacity you can probably take a break on Bier de Garde February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Beer Judge Certification Program

Here are the rules that the BJCP imposes on all sanctioned competitions. Dec 20, 1, DFW. I have found that it is a case by case basis Beer Judge Certification Program.

It is much more difficult. If they don’t, then judge any BJCP comps in your area, find a National or higher ranked judge, and sit at his table. The rigorous training of a beer judge as archived by www. If you don’t put in the effort, you cannot expect to pass.

A small number of these activists decided that the program could be operated solely by volunteers from among themselves, and decided to attempt the continuation of the BJCP as an independent entity.


However it isn’t completely the same – different feedback between trying to be helpful to the brewer and a test of knowledge.

New style guidelines were released in May The BJCP also publishes style guidelines categorizing beermeadand cider styles. What number are you on the waiting list? There are many examples of scoresheets done on commercial beers. You will also want to know the styles well as it is rumored that they like to throw at least one of the beers in there labeled incorrectly, ie, a Belgian Pale as an English or American Pale, or a S English Brown as a Robust Porter.

I’m a lot more used to average to good beer than bad beer.

Become a supporting member instead. You might think that having background info on competition organization isn’t that important, but it can be.

This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Fill out the tasting score sheets completely, and quickly. Judging experience helps especially with getting used to the time crunch. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Study the exam guide and style guidelines thoroughly for the written exam.

Best of luck to you. We trained by writing scoresheets in 12 minutes which was really helpful on the actual exam where you get 15 minutes. If they don’t have enough judges, almost anyone could find themself sitting in the judge’s chair. Finally, drink beer critically, especially home-brew! Harder than you think. You can squeeze in a glance at a style or two in unexpected odd situations where 20100 have nothing better to do.

Do you already have an account? That said, good scoresheets are probably much less about style than they are about solid, descriptive evaluation of the beer, and appropriate feedback. The Study Guide is fairly indepth and has a lot of the info you will need to do well. The more you do this, the more you will see improvement in your scoresheets, and the judging exam will be just more of the same – except waiting for a grade I’ve never taken the online exam but to answer questions guide,ines 18 seconds I’d come back later if I didn’t immediately guldelines an answer.


Thank you for visiting Homebrew Talk. Knowing your styles is important for both tests. Becoming a judge is truly like a 5-credit college course, it really truly is. Consequently, both were interested in fostering the improvement of judging skills and building up a pool of experienced beer judges. You will also need to know the information in the Study Guide fairly well. That mediocre porter needs to be dissected in intimate detail including what it doesn’t taste like! Posted Mar 25, Even as a certified judge, I still have some troubles picking out off flavors sometimes.

Added Push Notification support. The BJCP tracks members’ participation as judges, organizers, or stewards in BJCP-sanctioned brewing competitions and awards continuing education units for participation.

BJCP test pointers. | Community | BeerAdvocate

Text was partially off screen in landscape mode on iPad. I know I would guieelines better if I’d studied harder. Nov 8, 3, 1, Two Rivers, WI.

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