Homeland meets Marie Lu’s Legend in Blackout, which #1 New York Times bestselling author Ally Condie called “a thrilling combination of Wells’s trademark . This page digital original novella introduces readers to Blackout, a series by acclaimed author Robison Wells that combines the high-stakes intensity of t. Blackout. Robison Wells. BookPage review by Angela Leeper. Web Exclusive – October 03, After three weeks of nonstop terrorist attacks.

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Emily Read Your Bookcase. The students that are identified as Lambdas are separated from the rest of the group and are locked into cells.

I have it to review also, but I am kind of not wanting to at this point. Jack and Aubrey are high school students. Black Out is a fun read.

Molli October 1st, Laura and Alec are trained terrorists. Wrlls Harley Bear Book Blog. If more background information is included with book 2, I think that Blackout could become a terrific series and I do see how it would be visually stunning from a cinematic perspective. She’s known to be sarcastic and rarely serious.

The lack of world-building and character-development here made me a bit ambivalent to the story and the writing, so I can’t quite I’d recommended this. Blackout is a really interesting book.


Blackout Series by Robison Wells

The characters were also fairly interesting though the narrative switches were sometimes sloppy. Some things about the concept didn’t make sense at all, and there were many holes in the plot.

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Review: Blackout by Robison Wells | Xpresso Reads

And it is thrilling. Morgan rated it did not like it. It’s also frustrating because this book is told through several perspectives, one of them being one of the terrorists, yet we don’t get any significant details, still. Yeah, I know it’s a series.

The blog posts in between the chapters were secret messages from Alec, stating what their next target should be. Predictable and bleak, nothing to love here.

We spend most of the book in a military base camp where blackoug have captured infected teenagers and treat them like prisoners with no rights or dignity, yet the psychological side of things is blatantly ignored. Sep 01, Naoms rated it liked it. There are probably other books almost exactly like this one, only better quality and at least more interesting This book was so terrible Nlackout couldn’t even finish it.

Sep 09, Wendy Darling rated it it was ok Shelves: Thanks for the great review, Giselle! During the first part of the novel we meet characters who mention they were injected with something and trained by their parents for… the current war I’m guessing.


Blackout Series

My expectations were really high because I really liked Variant and Feedback. Aubrey especially developed into a strong and nuanced character. That is basically all we get as far as world building. Approaching the subject this superficially is disrespectful and somewhat insulting. Acknowledging that they have been brought up as terrorists, I still could not but help feel that they weren’t as clear or genuine compared to Audrey or Jack. Crazy for Young A Statements and opinions expressed in reviews, discussions, and other posts on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated.

And this past week, Salon has been running a series of articles about militant police forces. Where are the parents? The blurb on the front says, “The virus has spread.

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