BMC BladeLogic Server. Automation User Guide. Supporting. Version of BMC BladeLogic Server Automation. February BMC Server Automation Sizing Guide ; Main Documentation (by version): .. BladeLogic Customer Portal; User Contributed topics (lots of. If the ready-made PDFs of this space do not satisfy your requirements, you can export a custom PDF. Downloading the installation files. Page.

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When enabled, MESH allows a tuner on an endpoint to function as a transmitter mirror or repeater by allowing it to request content and provide that content to other MESH-enabled endpoints. Main Menu Productos destacados. Copyright notice and proprietary information All rights reserved.

From this website, you can obtain information. If your enterprise uses Active Directory and supports a multi-domain forest, administtration you want to restrict administrators in one domain from seeing queries that the administrators in another domain use, you can install multiple console servers and Report Centers.

To check for more recent editions of this document. Because the transmitter hosts all the content adminisstration applications that you distribute to endpoints, it is the heart of your BMC BladeLogic Client Automation infrastructure. Knowledge Article Performance Comparison: Embarcadero Performance Center 2.

Plug-ins are replicated to repeaters but not to proxies. If you want to use more than one, contact Customer Support for assistance. Altiris Patch Management Solution for Linux 7. This software and related documentation. In this scenario, the master and mirrors are placed behind a load balancer. This white paper discusses on More information. September Software Release Date:. Location of the database and directory service.


Mirrors Mirrors and repeaters are regular transmitters with some simple configuration changes that enable them to function in a new capacity. Installing and Deploying More information.

VMware vRealize Automation Documentation

Start display at page:. The setup described in this guide assumes you have only one console server. Estimate how many of each component you need, as described in Machine count and location requirements. The MESH functionality enables tuners to act as a local mirror or repeater for a group of endpoints.

Vladelogic using this information, be sure to read the. Patent and Trademark Office, and may be registered or pending registration in other countries.

Although a repeater has the same capacity as a master and can handle 7, endpointsfor disaster recovery purposes, you should have a second repeater at a site. Government Restricted Rights to Computer Software. Master distribution server transmitter The master distribution server also known as the master transmitter in a BMC BladeLogic Client Automation infrastructure functions like a web server, except that instead of serving web pages, it serves applications and content that are packaged into channels.

BMC BladeLogic Client Automation Installation Guide

State of Michigan 10 million citizens benefit from more secure digital government services Read the story. For example, updating GB of web content on servers every day requires more hardware than updating a MB custom application on desktops once a month.

Enabling the MESH functionality in endpoint tuners is a good choice in remote locations or other places where hardware resources are limited. This section helps you make those decisions. This software and related documentation More information.


Any administrration notices should be sent to this address.

If you have any questions, More information. About Symantec Client Security. Select the link below that best matches your interest. Then you quickly convert the mirror to a master by using Zdministration Administrator, a fairly simple operation. CA ARCserve Replication and High Availability Installation Guide r16 This documentation, which includes embedded help systems and electronically distributed materials, hereinafter referred to as the Documentation.

Getting started with TrueSight Server Automation is easy. The Report Center publishes the Inventory and Logging plug-ins to the master transmitter. Cross-platform server automation for better security, compliance, and agility. In this situation, you can host the proxy on a desktop-class machine guive service administrtaion to 50 endpoints.

Prepare the servers for Exchange. How to get started Getting Started Symantec Client Security About Security Security provides scalable, cross-platform firewall, intrusion prevention, and antivirus protection for workstations and antivirus protection for More information.

August Software Release. The agent enables targeting, installation, and updates on the endpoints. Consider some issues that can affect those original estimates, as described in Estimated service load on page 29 and Security requirements on page Ensure that your existing hardware and software meet the minimum system requirements, as described in Determining the infrastructure platforms and hardware on page

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