Jan 11, As for Mortimer, he too is trying, albeit for more humanist reasons, to revive certain aspects of Septimus’s work – to Blake’s extreme concern. May 19, It’s been several months since the events of The Yellow M, but the evil of Professor Septimus still echoes around London. Important figures of. Les aventures de Blake et Mortimer d’aprés les personnages d’ Edgar P. Jacobs: Dufaux, Aubin, Schréder – Tome 22 – L’Onde Septimus by ftabarrini in blake.

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In London, several months after the outcome of the case of the yellow mark, four admirers of Professor Septimus – Lieutenant McFarlane Lady Rowana, banker Oscar Balley and Professor Evangely – preparing to continue his work in secret.

Apr 01, Bernard Convert rated it did not like it. And then the answer comes kind of mortiker of left field. Sequel to The Yellow M. The Yellow “M” announces that there will be yet another kidnap and the terrified Septimus is convinced that he is next.

Pithif rated it it was amazing Nov 20, He gives it to Blake and Kendall. He agrees with Blake’s suggestion that he leave London.

In spite of the judge’s objections, Kendall insists on staying the night at the Calvin residence as a precaution. Blake and Mortimer meanwhile receive several messages telling them to stay away from the case and the symbol of the Yellow “M” even appears on the back of Blake’s overcoat. Inside, Blake finds himself first in the British Museum reading room surrounded book The Mega Wave Septimus, then face a scuba individual trapped in a glass column.


Rita rated it liked it May 17, Was it Septimus or the pilot?

The Mystery of the Great Pyramid Volume 2: All repeat the same word as the diver: Meanwhile, the Professor Septimus, yet died, quietly walk in a district of London in search of her guinea pig guinea pig. Once Olrik has been sent to motrimer some rest, Mortimer confronts Septimus at gunpoint only for the latter to use a spinning disk on his head that hypnotises Mortimer and makes him unconscious.

Retrieved from ” https: He recognises Mortimer and is about to take on his enemy when Blake and the police arrive and he is forced to flee.

Slings & Arrows

Trivia About L’Onde Septimus Blake concludes that although Septimus and his exceptional skills could have led him to be seen as one of the greatest scientists of the age, ego and the desire for revenge diverted him from his original goals and led to his downfall.

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He returns home to inform Blake of his discoveries and they agree to look into it further. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Realising that he is the mastermind behind the Yellow “M”, they lead a raid on his house.

Blake & Mortimer Vol. 20: The Septimus Wave

For me, pacing was more of an issue, especially in the middle during the blxke bit, and the villains were a little weak. Upon leaving, the two friends find themselves Team Blanks knees reciting the litany of Septimus. Septimus then proceeds to kidnap a number of prominent Harley Street doctors who are taken prisoner to his hide-out. He commits daring robberies and leaves behind an “M” in a yellow weptimus as a signature.


Blake & Mortimer Vol. The Septimus Wave – Comics by comiXology

As he and the policemen search the area, their train suddenly collides with the Harwich Express and is derailed. Wade theorised that a part of the brain, which he called the Mega Wave, could be used to turn people into docile and powerful beings and even be manipulated by others.

Wade about aspects of the human brain. Awoken, the occupants confront the intruder but he is resistant to bullets and Nasir the manservant is knocked unconscious when he attempts to seize him.

He can even see what the subject sees through a TV screen—the subject’s eyes acting as cameras relating to the brain which passes the images on to the Telecephaloscope. Meeting Blake at the Centaur Club, Mortimer is also introduced to some of its regulars:

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