Hegde Professor of Cardiology, London University BLINDED SCIENCE MATTHEW SILVERSTONE life BLINDED BY SCIENCE You have come as a breath of. Blinded by Science by Matthew Silverstone, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. About the author. Matthew Silverstone is a serial entrepreneur. He has a degree in economics and a masters degree in international business. He was as one of.

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This is a fundamental impossibility. This man gave him a simple explanation of the problem. Plants do this and, as you will see in later chapters, if plants do it, it is likely that animals and humans hy it too.

Beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder, but scientifically one would say that the crystals were all perfect without any deformities. But sadly this is not the case; doctors prefer that the patient either takes drugs that are not always effective or, more commonly, has an operation to mtthew the stones.

At the time, it was necessary to use pack animals or barges in order to transport trees downhill, as heavy wood did not float and could not be sent floating downstream by itself. Anyone who has a good idea and wants to share it on blindrd website can have his name printed on the final version in the book. I will show in later chapters that the scientific principles behind homeopathic medicine have been completely misunderstood, both by traditional and homeopathic scientists.

If you asked people in the street who they would prefer to be treated by, a herbalist or a doctor, most people would say a doctor. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

I also believe that it is common practice not to look at studies that were conducted more than forty years ago in the belief that if it was important, it would be common knowledge in textbooks today. It seems blatantly obvious that the blood is moving in a spiral, and if this is true, it has major consequences for the medical establishment. This is not the case in biochemistry or medicine, where ideas that are over a hundred years old have only just been accepted into Western medical practice.


Emoto’s methodology was very simple. Somewhere in time, our belief system seems to have steered us away from the logical, and has tried to tell us that the gravitational influence of the planets has no effect on our health or behaviour. Lejo rated it it was amazing Aug 03, After the experiments had been conducted, Popel analysed the results, whereupon his opinion completely changed. Many of these clearly have an emotional content, and Mathew think that the biggest problem I have with his conclusions matthfw that he states that the word itself, such as “love” or “anger”, contains an emotional character that the water picks up on.

What was so amazing about this machine was that it siverstone look at silverstkne viruses under the microscope without having to kill them: Vibrations open up a whole new way of looking at life and, as I hope to show in the later chapters, they all affect the way in which we go about our daily lives. These ideas are so far removed from the way we have all been educated that it is easy to dismiss them as the rantings of an insane man.

I have written eight different chapters, all of which are interrelated. This did not, however, stop him becoming a rich man from his revolutionary new method of transporting chopped trees down from the mountains using water chutes.

All of the planets, both near and far, generate gravitational waves of energy, whether strong, such as those influenced by the moon that move the tides, or weak, as from distant planets such as Uranus and Jupiter.

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He comes from a very traditional medical background, both mmatthew brother and father are Professors of medicine, so it was not easy for him to shed off his traditional medical ideas and start questioning the very foundation of these concepts. This extract was written inand as far as I can make out very little has changed.

But, more importantly, Culpeper chose to fill his book solely with herbal medicines that were easily available locally, so that it was no longer necessary to go to the doctor and pay lots of money for treatment.


Some of the answers were, however, discovered by a man called Viktor Schauberger. I would recommend this blindsd, maybe the author is wrong but there are some interesting theories there!

However, all of this gradually stopped when his teenage son got ill.

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I have always taken medicine and assumed that it affected me in exactly the same way as it affected the next person, but I have come to the conclusion that this is blatantly impossible. In his early experiments with water, one of Emoto’s assistants asked him to try playing music to the water and then assessing the changes in the crystals.

This is neither sensible treatment nor clever economics. Cheryl Orian Brilliant, refreshing and fascinating. I know this will happen to you because it happened to me, it happened to the designer who designed the book covers, it happened to all my friends, in fact it has happened to everyone who has read at least one chapter from the book.

He concluded that spiral flow “confers advantages over other flow patterns in reducing near wall kinetic energy, turbulence and pressure differences in complex branching systems”, three very important factors medically.

We need to go back to the beginning because we have to unravel what we think we already know and then build on that knowledge and see life afresh.

Chapter 5 Bees and the birds The decline in the bee population is a dilverstone. The logic of the patterns based on just these few different vibrations would imply that the range of patterns is almost limitless. I feel sure that most people who are reading this would not dream of using a herbalist.

As far as I was concerned, if I could shift the opinion of someone who was firmly entrenched in the biochemical theory of life, by even a small amount, then my job was done. In fact, as I am sure I have mentioned countless times already, I believe that everything reacts to bt waves.

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