Blood Bond (Dirty Blood, book 3) by Heather Hildenbrand – book cover, description, publication history. Forty-six. That’s how many hybrids survived the Hunter attack in the woods after I revived them with an injection of my blood. That’s how many followed me home. Blood Bond by Heather Hildenbrand, now you can read online. Chapter One. Wood Point Academy crawled with bodies. And even though they weren’t killer.

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Aug 25, Amber I. They are that good. In addition bpnd is still getting used to her new Werewolf abilities and her new status as an Alpha.

Blood Rule (Dirty Blood, book 4) by Heather Hildenbrand

Everything from bone writing, to the characters really grabbed me! You’ve been like that all month. I don’t get attached. There is a major cliffy at the end of this book and I was almost tempted to read it, but once you go audio, it’s hard to go back.

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Blood Bond

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be? Packed full of action and excitment, twists and turns. I’m hoping the love-triangle or possible squarewill stay fresh, and intact in the next book!


Yet, she feels they desire the bnod to chage their ways. The ending is one heck of a shocker and will leave you questioning, but its what I call epically fantastic and the fans I feel will love it.

The first book is free!!!! Wes continues to be awesome.

Blood Bond: (Dirty Blood Series #3) – Heather Hildenbrand – Google Books

This story was non-stop action, and I found myself more mesmerized each moment. She feels her wolf side getting stronger but is terrified to let it loose in case she becomes a monster.

I appreciate how he is learning to hildengrand Tara space, and how he is putting aside his jealousies. The fifth and final book in the Dirty Blood series just released, which is good because now you can read all the books one right after another. Tara is so hildenbrznd to go home to check on her friend George after the attack and incident with Miles.

So, I’m guessing with the whole cliffhanger ending, this isn’t the end of the series? Fantastic continuation of the story and wonderful character development. And its because it was freaking fantastic that every time I try to think of what to say all these thoughts going running threw my head that I can’t even get them out right. If you’re looking for an awesome YA Paranormal read, pick this series up.

Like with the previous books, we get lots of answers and even more questions. There is no easy road for Wes and Tara in this book.


Tara is a kick butt heroine who is called a dirty blood because she is part werewolf hunter and part werewolf. So the ending was very troubling and I can’t wait to see how the gang gets out of this one???

And throughout the story, Tara continues to grow and come into herself as human, wolf, and bnod. If you’ve read the other books, you won’t be disappointed by this ihldenbrand. It leaves you with questions. Everyone should have a friend like Cambria and Tara.

Blood Rule

Blood Bond is one of those books for me. Anyway, back to the story itself.

I blokd Alex more. So after the events of book 2, you’d think that Tara might get a break, but sadly not. So she can’t be with Wes without feeling embarrassment.

She is set to be with Wes, as no one can make her feel like he does. I hope that the next installment gets the heathrr back on track. In Blood Rule, we finally get to see the hunter come out in Tara’s mother. Or, will it be George?

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