Bluets is a book by the American author Maggie Nelson, published by Wave Books in The work hybridizes several prose and poetry styles, and is often . A Guardian Book of the Year. Maggie Nelson is one of the most electrifying writers at work in America today, among the sharpest and most supple thinkers of her. Presentation Mode Open Print Download Current View. Go to First Page Go to Last Page. Rotate Clockwise Rotate Counterclockwise. Enable hand tool.

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Are you an artist at risk or know someone who is?

Its presence is not motivated by occasional cries of torment and semi-connected lapis lazuli facts. The propositions that compose Bluets were collected across three years of slowly dwindling sadness, from toas Nelson recovered from a heartbreak while caring for a close friend rendered quadriplegic. In a delicious about-face, Nelson accuses Gass of all people! But how can it be? Suppose I were to speak this as though it were a confession; suppose I shredded my napkin as we spoke.

Blue accompanies loneliness and, at times, a feeling of surrendering fully to the pain that comes when you are unable to anything to prevent disaster. He knew he was dying; he could have chosen to work on any philosophical problem under the sun.

The expert on guppy menopause, whose office is across from mine at the Institute, tells me this. In short lyrical paragraphs blurring the boundary between essay and poem, Nelson inhabits a color, using it as a landscape of inquiry. My full review, as well as my other thoughts on reading, can be found on my blog.


There’s so much life here the pages can’t contain it all. Yet what could be more invented than a life story that reads like a novel? Retrieved from ” https: It does not mingle with quotes, witticisms and obsessive analyses. The fragments are arranged neither chronologically nor thematically, but according to a poetic, bittersweet logic of their own.

The sort of book that makes you want to write something like mwggie, even if I only sort of liked this.

This is the necessary foundation towards solving a problem if, it is in one’s power to solve the problem or at least see a few steps forward towards a solution. We must always be prepared to learn something totally new. We typically think of shame as antithetical to love—its night side, as Wurmser puts it—but night and day depend on each other.

Bluets by Maggie Nelson review – heartbreak and sex in 240 turbocharged prose poems

Brick 96 Posted on November 26, Simone Weil warned otherwise. Bluets is honest in its characterisation of heartache and bkuets us that relief from it isn’t a straight path. Too often, the author cites the work of these disparate figures without making their connections clear or elaborating upon her own thoughts. It left me pondering upon eloquent pointlessness.

Blue might be what haunts Nelson, her darkness, if we continue considering this idea that writers return to a theme or nelon topic time and again in their writing. I admire her craft very much and thought this book near perfect.


The Review: Bluets by Maggie Nelson | Brick

Home from Bluets from Bluets By: Few lightning bolts of insight great Emerson quotation: To ask other readers questions about Bluetsplease sign up. A Memoir and Jane: Feb 11, Vipassana rated it really liked it Shelves: She defies Gass, the glossy magazines, and anything that would do less than celebrate the female body in all its ways: I must admit that not all blues thrill me.

Nelson uses language to court the male gaze and by book’s end, I’ve almost forgiven her for it. This is generous, for to be close to her pain has always felt like a privilege to me, even though pain could be defined as that which we typically aim to avoid.

The Review: Bluets by Maggie Nelson

Any endeavour that challenges the status quo—writing, reading, falling magie love—will also partake in a ritual of reaching out and retreating and reaching out again. Then I lay my head down on the desk and start to weep. Lists with This Book.

In his last months on earth, as he was dying of cancer, he dedicated his lucid moments to writing his Remarks on Colour.

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