History Of The Dvaita School Of Vedanta And Its Literature: From The Earliest Beginnings To Your Own Times. B.N.K. Sharma. from: N/A. B.N.K. Sharma is the author of Madhavacharya ( avg rating, 5 ratings, 1 review), Madhvacharya ( avg rating, 4 ratings, B.N.K. Sharma’s books. B.N.K. Results 1 – 9 of 9 Namaste Messrs Suresh Kumar/Vipin K I am positively impressed with orders from I have never had any reason to complain.

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In addition to carrying information about Nyayamruta, this website will also carry information about life history, achievements and works of Sri Vyasatirtha. In a nutshell, Nyayamruta. In sharam development Indian philosophy, the phase of Vedanta is generally considered as culminating point. Within Vedanta, Dvaita Vedanta founded by 13th century saint and philosopher Sri Madhvacharya deserves to be considered as culmination of entire Vedantic thought.

Dvaita Vedanta, since its inception had to face challenges from various schools of Indian thought, of which Advaita School was the direct opponent. This is clear from what the author of Nyayamruta himself has to say about the aims, objects and scope of his work: Nyayamruta and its author represent the highest level in Indian dialectical thinking.

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This is borne in the conclusion arrived in the objective and indepth research and assessment of the different schools in the range of India thought conducted by the distinguished scholar Dr.

Dasgupta in his work extending in 5 volumes ; A History of Indian Philosophy.

The first half of Volume IV of this work is specifically discusses the history, logic, doctrines and dialectics of Dvaita Vedanta. Expressing his views on the logical and dialectical soundness of the doctrines of Dvaita Vedanta, Dr. Dasgupta concludes on Pg viii of Vol VI:. There is a general belief amongst many that monism of Sankara presents the final phase of Indian thought. The realistic and dualistic thought of Samkhya and the yoga had undergone a compromise with monism both in the Puranas and in the hands of the later writers.


Sharma, the doyen of modern scholars arrived on the philosophical scene early 19th century to translate, expound, authenticate and authoritatively introduce the new generation to Madhva philosophy gooks comparative study vis-a-vis with other Indian and Western philosophies. Given the encyclopedic range and depth in understanding of Dvaita, Indian and Western philosophy and sharam coverage in his works, training in traditional and modern learning, Dr.

The present website is primarily an effort in making Dr. Sharma’s following work on Nyayamruta available to anybody interested in knowing about Dvaita-Advaita polemics:. Advaitasiddhi vs Nyayamruta – An up to date Critical Reappriasal. More extensive information about Nyayamruta and its author can also be found in the following books:.

Eharma of Dvaita School of Vedanta – Dr. History of Indian Philosophy Volume 4 by Dr. shrma

Venkoba Rao, Sri N. Karmarkar to name a few. As well wisher and guide of posterity, Dr. Sharma has admonished us of how relevant and practical Madhva philosophy is to us in these modern times and is the boiks to the better understanding and appreciating of the Supreme, ourselves and the world we live in.

Books By Dr B N K Sharma

It is therefore important to make best use of the human birth conferred on us by Providence, in making effort to leading a philosophical life as bloks out by Madhva and as exemplified by his illustrious followers Jayatirtha, Vyasatirtha, Vadiraja tirtha, Raghavendra tirtha, Haridasa tradition and others to best of our abilities. Bringing out the important contribution of these followers to Dvaita Vedanta and its tradition, Dr. Sharma put’s it in one of his works.


Barring the errors due to limitation of we editors, the entire thought behind the content of this website is solely derived from the inspiration and guidance from the works of Dr. Venkoba Rao and other Dvaita Titans referred in. Finally, we would like to express our gratitude from books of our heart to Dr.

Sharma for his gracious encouragement and support in enabling this effort see the light of the day. We hope readers, students, scholars and researchers alike will enjoy this website. We welcome and will cherish any of your thoughts, comments and suggestions. Advaita Siddhi Vs Nyayamruta by Dr.

Sharma, Page 3 with some changes by Nyayamruta. Copyrights for works referred here are held by their respective authors.

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All other rights reserved by www. Dasgupta concludes on Pg viii of Vol VI: Sharma’s following work on Nyayamruta available to anybody interested in knowing about Dvaita-Advaita polemics: Advaitasiddhi vs Nyayamruta – An up to date Critical Reappriasal More extensive information about Nyayamruta and its author can also be found in the following books: Mysore Civil Service 3. Sharma put’s it in one of his booos, “We all owe an intellectual debt to the original path-makers and their expositors who have devoted all their time and energies to making works on Dvaita intelligible to posterity, in their wealth of thought.

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