You are here: Home · User Manuals · Inverters and Energy Recovery · Operating instruction; ACU Operating Instructions Frequency Inverter V / V. The safety instructions and information on use in this documentation must be Please note, that Bonfiglioli Vectron does not take any responsibility for the. 02/ Operating Instructions Agile. 3 Please note, that Bonfiglioli Vectron does not take any responsibility for the compatibility of external products (e.g.

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The baud rate is set via the parameter Baud-Rate and thus defines the possible line length. If not, faulty measurements can result.

If a fault switch-off occurs on a number of slaves, the first slave to transmit its emergency telegram is displayed on bonfitlioli system bus master. Operation mode 0 -Error 1 -No Error Function The system bus master receives the emergency telegram and switches-off The Emergency Telegram is displayed as warning.

Download technical documentation Register now to download the following documents. Transmission of the command is done after completion of the initialization phase and the time delay Boot-Up Vvectron following it.

Constants initialization to 60Hz system 1. Scope Of Supply Description Unit Setting range Operation mode motor temp.

The data type uint, int, long are exchanged in manuxl telegram. In addition, the number of system bus nodes and the adjustable node ID are limited to The bus load must be designed in such a way that any telegram repetitions for transmission errors are vectro without exceeding the bus capacity.

Description Offset Amplification 5. The SYNC telegram is a telegram without data. The sources existing in this way can be used in the frequency inverter via the local input links for the data targets.


Reference Percentage Channel When momentary power loss is longer than 2 seconds the large of horse power, the longer of timethe inverter does not have enough storage power to control the circuit; As CAN does not possess a nodeoriented, but a message-oriented addressing bonfiglikli the identifiers, the logical channels can be displayed via it.

Example of a virtual link with transmission via the system bus: In-Line Geared units C Series There is no change of the direction of rotation.

To avoid the damage, only qualified staff may carry out the transport, installation, setup or maintenance work required.

Active Series : Bonfiglioli

People mobility Escalators and moving walks. The power filters are a component to improve EMC behavior in a machine installation. Setup Using The Control Unit A repeat start of the drive mechanism is possible by switching the start signal on and off if the fault has been cleared beforehand.

This results in an improved kanual shape of the CAN signals, which improves the signal shapes, in particular in extended systems. The EM-IO expansion module is supported as from software version bonfigioli.

The selection is effected via parameter Operation Mode Maintenance And Service Handling And Installation The display of the digital input signals enables checking the various control signals and their connections with the software functions in question, in particular in commissioning.

Comply with the safety instructions.

If a fault occurs, the slaves automatically transmit a fault report emergency message. As an extension, a number of frequency inverters can also exist on the receive side Rxthese then being supplied with data parallel and simultaneously. Thus, the parameterization for this connection is: As a supplement to the messages documented in these operating instructions, the following failure keys are activated by the EM-IO expansion module.


Use a metal grounding plate and place the frequency inverter and the EMI filter on the plate. I may revoke my declaration of consent at any time to the company for future marketing communications by writing to corporatemkt bonfiglioli. After a fault has been acknowledged on the slave, the latter again transmits an emergency telegram with the data content zero.

Bonfiglioli Vectron Syn10 S115 01 Operating Instructions Manual

Limitation Of Modulation Controller It can be used in the system bus master and in transmission via a TxPDO in the slaves for a defined shutdown. Table Of Contents The operation mode of the motor ptc port can be selected via parameter Operation Mode Motor Temp. Speed Sensor 1 If the input signal is less than 1 V or 2 mA, there is a warning and fault message and the drive mechanism stops freely. Typical Conductor Cross Sections The setting of the operation mode is done via the following parameters: Bonfigliolo Formation Ended The frequency inverters are electrical drive components intended for installation in industrial plant or machines.

Each frequency inverter is given a node ID, which may only exist bonfkglioli in the system, for its unambiguous identification. Bonfigljoli instructions must have been read and understood before starting work at the device. Analog Input Mfi1a What are you searching for? VEC R1 tel: These sources are defined via source numbers. As soon as the system bus master receives bonfilgioli emergency telegram, it reports the warning Sysbus 0x via the parameter Warnings Bit

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