A more advanced follow up program for graduates of Bootyful Beginnings. The most significant difference vs. Bootyful Beginnings is that the rep. Hi Ladies, I started Bret Contreras’ bootyful beginnings program after being recommended a few times on here. As I’m sure quite a few of you. A collection of workouts created by Samantha R. in Workout Trainer for the iPad, iPhone, and Android.

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If you aren’t feeling the work in your glutes at this point, then I’d make sure to read through that section and try to focus on really feeling the contraction and glutes firing. It tends to be the glute bridges and glute marches where I feel it a lot in my lower back and hammies. The truth is I should have listened to my original personal trainer and never given up barbell bridges and step ups when I switched to SL 5×5, but I was woo’d by the simplicity.

Thanks for all of the feedback guys.

Originally Posted by Partyrocking. Have a question or suggestion about possible changes to the subreddit? Same as above then. Thank you for this in depth response, I very much appreciate it and I’ll keep your point re: Websites, apps, blogs, recipes, etc. They may come in any form.

Booty-ful Beginnings Super Sets – Forums

I ran Booty-ful beginnings the full course pretty much as written, but I’m now on week 13 and swapping out a lot of exercises. PartyRocking, just to confirm are you suggesting that I just bootyfup each set separately rather than trying to super set? Be respectful of others on the subreddit, and please report comments that violate the rules for review. My only thought on the order is that I have a feeling you should always do the first exercise first.

I feel like my bum starts quite high up on my back so not sure if that may be some of the issue? As I’m sure quite a few of you guys are aware, each workout starts with 2 supersets. My body prefers straight sets as the norm since I’m able to rest longer between sets. The last time I strictly followed a booyful I saw progress so quickly in my upper body but it seems a bit slower this time. Keep up the awesome work. I would rest a minute between supersets, i. MeandYou 10 months ago Anyone done These?


One month of bootyful beginnings progress – Imgur

A small complaint, I know, but I’d rather hump the air more privately in a body-weight area rather than near the weight machines. Is it just the fact that they allow for a more intense workout?

Remember weight loss is not always the motivation for fitness, and is not always the right answer. But you never know until you try it, the way you suggested might work for you just fine.

Did you still see considerable progress when performing them as straight sets? Though I do keep rests on the shorter side. I’ve seen loads of articles like “superset for super size” “superset for ultimate growth” but I’m trying to understand if it will really make that much of a difference.

I never tend to feel anything in my glutes unless I work my abductors. Begimnings actually did the exercises in order as written, but I did them as straight sets. However, the whole point and the reason that beginningd seems that you switched to this program!

This was my initial thought at first.

My instinctive response to all bootgful these questions is to do what feels right add weight, do them separately, do them out of orderbut I’ve also found that I’m unintuitive when it comes to fitness, so I’d love some advice.

I know DOMS aren’t everything and don’t indicate progress, but it would just be nice to feel something in my glutes a few days after a workout. Apologies if this comes across ignorant. MeandYou 10 months ago dracarys: Begininngs whole point of SC is to switch from a reliance on your legs to a reliance on your glute muscles. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Alternating sets would save some time too and might actually improve your strength. One other thing I’ve noticed is that after my workouts, I’m feeling it most in my lower back and I don’t know if this is to do with my form.


My gym is 24 hours and constantly busy as it is based in a student area.

Started week 6 of bootyful beginnings today and thought I would share a very minor progress pic 🙂

Originally Posted by LunaLifts. I believe that the first four weeks have so many “silly” bodyweight exercises so that you can teach your body the proper form, since it’s a little counter intuitive for most people.

During the week I’ve done already I’ve been adhering strictly to the suggestions, and it’s been super awkward to switch between doing floor-based exercises to using cable machines or doing dumbbell rows. PM me or ask me on FB: Log in or sign up in seconds. I decided to switch to Strong Curves in hopes the focus on lower body will help improve my squat form, and I’m starting from the beginning to ease my way back into strength training. Yep, bootyful beginnings and the Bodyweight one.

Lower body movements, it depends on what they are.

I agree to receive emails from the site. You alternate the workouts a-b-a-c on. XXFitness is for female and gender non-binary redditors who are fit, want to be fit, like reading about fitness to put off getting fit, or have goals related to fitness.

I genuinely just want to make sure I’m getting everything right whilst following this program. Some things to look out for are hyperextending at the top of thrusts and bridges or rounding of the back in RDLs and squats.

I feel it a lot with the hyperextensions too but I know that’s expected.

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