Posts about JAIS wedding process written by atiqahmokhtar. fill in the forms ( form 2A for the groom-to-be and forms 2C & 2D for the bride-to-be. . It’s under the Pas section and called Borang Pengesahan Pas Bagi Tujuan. Pemohon hendaklah mengisi borang permohonan secara online dengan menggunakan akses Permohonan Nikah Dalam Bahagian dan Luar Sarawak. Dapatkan Borang 2A Dengan Mengisi Permohonan Secara Online Di Laman Web 3. Lengkapkan Borang Dan Lampirkan Dokumen.

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I think I am. Blog posts and other online accounts had ended up being a large resource of info for me, so I hope this will contribute to the body of information out there.

Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan – Borang Perkahwinan

When we got married, our nikah was conducted at my home in Puchong, with my father as my wali. Fill in Borang 2C and 2D.

I still remember completing all documents and getting approval in one day. Reply miasuraya October 10, at Gambar yang di muat naik hendaklah gambar berukuran pasport dan bersopan serta menutup aurat Setelah permohonan online lengkap dikemukakan, pemohon dikehendaki hadir ke pejabat agama Islam berdekatan bersama dengan pasangan dan wali pengantin perempuan selewat-lewatnya 7 hari dari tarikh jaiz nikah botang untuk mengesahkan permohonan mereka.

Faizal had gotten his picture taken in Singapore where background is in whiteand the officer told us they had to be in blue, so we had to re-take the pictures.

I hope I covered everything sufficiently, and that this proves helpful to someone out there on the internet. A note on visiting the Putrajaya Immigration Office: Once we submitted our documents and got it all processed, we had to wait another hour and a half or so before the signed document was returned back to us. Although the remark was not entirely true, it made me more aware of my state — pale-faced, almost lifeless if not for mascara, made worse by unwashed hair. All forms and documents have to be approved by the PAID between three months to a week before the nikah date.


Kursus kahwin

The witnesses have to be male, someone who knows you, and are of age 18 and above. I was most interested in no. Once done, you print the form. Recalibrate The perpetual journey of figuring shit out.

The course was held on a weekend, a day and a half long with lunch, provided — all for RM Fill in the details on the surat kebenaran kahwin and sijil nikah sementara The forms you get back from PAID will require you to fill in some details, namely the date and time of the nikah, the details of the people getting married, the wali, etc.

To be safe, I think you should aim to submit about a month to a month and a half before, which is what Faizal and I did.

Borang 2D has more questions about the wali. Fill in Borang 2C and 2D. Posted on December 2, November 30, by atiqahmokhtar 0. For Faizal and I, since we were submitting the forms together to the PPN at the same time, we used the same witnesses — my uncle and my brother.

e-Munakahat Portal

Upon hearing this, Reza immediately booked us a slot at Masjid Negara. Saya dah boleh kahwin!

Takpelah, pengalaman tu hehe. The guy will receive Borang 3A — approval for the guy to marry! I imagined the HIV test to involved a big fat needle poking into my arms, but no, the needle was as big as a sewing needle, poked swiftly and lightly onto my index finger. I think I passed ours back via my uncle about a couple weeks beforehand.


Setelah upacara akad nikah dijalankan pemohon boleh membuat pembayaran. The course was held on a weekend, a day and a half long with lunch, provided — all for RM Faizal and I managed to get our tests sorted at the Klinik Kesihatan in Sri Kembangan pretty quickly. The result of the HIV test is valid for six months, but we did it about three months before the date.

Get the stamped document endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Based on our experience, we were required to sign our attendance for every session to be able to qualify to receive the kursus kahwin certificate.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Married December 4, Some KK accept appointments, while some, only walk-ins. Just before the middle of the year — about six months before our akad nikah — it was announced on paper that attendees of the pre-marriage course would be required to go through a before and after course test very soon.

Pada 27 dan 28 Oktober yang lalu, Kurs But I dengar cerita lepas ni diaorang nak buat test la, ada praktikal la, etc.

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