Key words: Borislav Pekić, Expressionism, the destruction of reality, the form in . in Pekić’s trilogy: Besnilo, Atlantida, and (Rabies, Atlantis, and ). Borislav Pekić (Serbian Cyrillic: Борислав Пекић, pronounced [bǒrislaʋ pěkitɕ]; 4 February .. , novel, Ljublijana, Zagreb: Cankarjeva založba and Belgrade: Književni glasnik, NIN, Godine koje su pojeli skakavci [“The Years the. Metaproza–čitanje žanra: Borislav Pekić i postmoderna poetika. _> ; #

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Through a reading of his other theoretical work, the Time pfkic Word, and his novel, the Golden Fleece, I will try to arrive at an explanation of the concept of “the Myth of Man.

The Destruction of Profession, or the Myth of the Writer; 2. Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti, During these twenty-seven pkic, he published his major novels, works that immediately and consistently attracted the attention of literary critics.

The Destruction Of Reality, Or The Myth Of Man 77 first of all be pointed out that it constitutes the underlying idea of the title of the essay-manifesto: Ester, Hans and Meindert Evers.

Books by Borislav Pekić (Author of Besnilo)

It does not [have meaning], for this type of functioning has no mean- ing. Nagrada i stipendija se dodjeljuju svake godine 2.

Sentimentalna povest Britanskog carstvapovest, Beograd: Gunter Martens, Vitalismus und Expressionismus Stuttgart: However, I know that my only means of creating [something new], which is so similar to resurrecting the dead, are myths, arch-realities of the world.

Don’t have an account? Zakleti spasilac davljenika ; Beograd, AteljeB. Ritchie, German Expressionist Drama Boston: All of them were reprinted numerous times in Serbia.


For a list of articles and books published in Germany in the first decades of the expressionist movement cf. Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. However, he never abandoned the Expressionist programmatic poetics in the sense that he always expressed his absolute subjectivity with an emphasis on the formal aspects of that expression.

Elaborating on this point, he says: Nietzsche, of course, in- fluenced Spengler and the entire generation of intellectuals in the first half of the twentieth century.

He was released after five years and in began studying experimental psychology at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophyalthough he never earned a degree. A large body of his work was, and continues to be, published posthumously: This page was last edited on 10 Novemberat A Book for All and None [], trans.

Borislav Pekić

Sixteen were published in his Odabrana dela Selected works, and his play Generali ili srodstvo po oruzju The Generals or Kinship-In-Arms, can be found in any anthology of Serbian contemporary drama. I ima, i nema. The Destruction of the Future, or the Myth of Hope. Razaranje memorije mita o sebi ; 5.

It is absurd in any case.

Metaproza–čitanje žanra : Borislav Pekić i postmoderna poetika

NIN Award winning authors. Solaris, ; Podgorica: Remember me on this computer. He is considered one of the most important 199 literary figures of the 20th century.

As a consequence of the great me- chanical and technological advances, the “Faustian” culture of Europe and the West would be threatened. If that world has no sense, art cannot have it either.


9199 Idee bei Friedrich Nietzsche und im deutschen Expressionismus. Citatnost i intertekstualnost u negativnim utopijama Belgrade: Despite his ideological distance from the mainstream opposition movements, the new political climate further complicated his relationship with the pejic, who refused him a passport for some time.

The transformation of reality via language, or within language, was the most impor- tant feature of this literary and artistic revolution. Ova stranica je posljednji put izmijenjena na datum 21 april u Nor does it see its goals as that of imitating nature it considers this neither possible nor desir- able [my emphasis].

He does not accept, he seeks. He incorporates the accident borslav individuality into the totality that constitutes the world. Camden House, Die Literatur des Expressionismus: Metzler, ; Expressionistische Prosa, ed.

Razaranje morala mita o slobodi volje ; 6. Narodna Knjiga, ; Titograd: Solaris i Stylos, This radically deconstructive aesthetic mode found its best and strongest manifestation and realization in the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, “the great prophet of individualism in Germany,” who created the most powerful and enduring artistic and cultural-political project in the second half of the nine- teenth ;ekic. Expressionism encompassed all the arts painting, sculpture, music, film, theater, architecture, and literature and is considered to be a revolt against re- alism and naturalism.

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