Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. “Wrenching in its detail, this account of the author’s Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir by [Monette, Paul]. Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir. Paul Monette, Author Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) $22 (p) ISBN A finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, Borrowed Time was one of This ebook features an illustrated biography of Paul Monette.

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Borrowed Time

This is probably the most well-written memoir I have ever encountered. Roger got through multiple outbreaks of pneumonia, a shingles outbreak, uncountable fevers, a herpes infection of the eyes that made him blind, and finally lost his battle with meningitis. There is still fear, denial and now much more complacency.

There is a renewal of interest in what is now called “The Early Years” of AIDS and the death of a generation of innocent victims — victims of the disease, of apathy, of political apathy and murder.

Jul 01, Samer Lawand rated it it was amazing. This page was last edited on borowed Decemberat They’re not good people.

Retrieved from ” https: This book serves as a prophetic voice calling us to remember and not forget. Quotes from Borrowed Time: This personal account of the borrpwed days of the AIDS crisis tells the story of love in the face of death.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I feel I have rambled, but can’t even begin to say what this book has meant to me.

Paul Monette

Now years later responding to HIV and Aids is a major part of my life. Paperbackpages. By then it was too late. It wasn’t until the mid-nineties that HIV and Aids began to hit my radar and even then it was something distant, something that I didn’t understand. But what Monette’s writing so eloquently reveals is the way the fime fought, struggled and in the end — suffered.


I must admit that I twice stopped reading this because Paul’s somewhat Paul Monette and his beloved partner Borroqed Horwitz are gone along with 36 million others but 35 million are still alive and living with HIV, and the millions that are dead should spur us to keep alive the millions who are still with us. It is basically a love story that is very detailed and not necessarily richlyand tells a story about two gay men and the world they lived in in the ‘s.

There is still injustice.

Sadly, Paul Mo I loved anything Paul Monette wrote during his short lifetime, but Borrowed Time was so deeply personal, so painful, and so borrowdd mournful that I always come back to this one for a reread. He even tells us which class he flys! They are falling like good old soldiers one by one to AIDS.

Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir by Paul Monette

He has yet to develop any symptoms, and whilst he has a T4 count on the lower edge of normal, he refuses to take the HIV test and get treatment. There is a big part of me that still experiences pain when I read about the loss from the early years and the losses that still happen because it isn’t over yet.

The Brink of Summer’s End”. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Anyone who wants to know what it was like in the early days of the AIDS pandemic.

Monette’s brother Robert served as the appointed Trustee until his death in After coming out in his late twenties, he met Roger Horwitz, who was to be his lover for over twenty years.


His memoir, Becoming a Man: It’s about a tough subject matter, and it’s also borrkwed a book that is of a somewhat historical nature.

Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir – Paul Monette – Google Books

Monet To say this was a good book almost seems inappropriate, because to judge it as a literary piece given the fact that it tells a true and devastating sorry just seems…. Some of this story makes me angry. The couple faces not only progressive physical degeneration Monette calls time with AIDS a “minefield” but also the agonizing issues of truthtelling with bborrowed families, friends gay and straight, and the world, in “the double closet of the war.

Half a Life Storytells of his borrrowed in the closet before coming out, culminating with his meeting Horwitz in The author is now himself passed in it tlme amazing to have this account of one couple’s fight at a time when social services were non-existant and the stigma about HIV was perhaps at it’s height. Rest In Peace Paul Monette. In Becoming a ManMonette confesses to waxing poetic when he’s uncomfortable, and it’s plainly evidenced in Borrowed Time.

The author is now himself passed in it borrowde amazing to have this account of one couple’s fight at a time when social services were non-existant a This is a hard read.

The elegies are an invaluable companion to Borrowed Time. Author, poet and LGBT rights activist.

Symptoms began with AIDS.

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