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I bought this for two dollars at a hidtoria book sale, so it was a great deal. I saw chaarles in a duty-free shop as LAX.

Apr 21, Bukk rated it it was amazing Shelves: One key example should illustrate my point: It describes the various contributions of all ancient civilizations and not so ancient empires. To begin, his work historis Western biased, leaving very little space devoted to the remarkable achievements of non-Western civilizations and cultures. In fact, this book changed my view of the Middle Ages, and awoke an interest in me about this time in history.

Breve historia del leer: : Charles Van Doren: Books

Feb 28, Michael rated it it was ok Shelves: His lack of understanding of deeper issues revolving around what he states makes inaccuracies pop up at least every other page. How can it be a History of Knowledge when it leaves out most Asian thought? Van Doren paints humankind’s history of knowledge as wholly progressive but also long, sometimes intermittent immobile lulls.

Until I reached that section, I had been telling my wife and my friends that I had been reading a phenomenal book – wonderfully thought out and written. The description after the title and subtitle is probably more accurate: Reviewing a book on the history of human knowledge is a daunting prospect though not perhaps as daunting as writing one.


In June, an invitation from the Class of to speak at its reunion brought Charles Van Doren back to Columbia for only the second time in 40 years.

This is surprising since one could access BBS’s and such at that time. And yes, I gave the book away as a gift quite a few times! For the vast range of knowledge discussed, and the huge amount of time over which these developments took place, it’s surprising ho This is an excellent history of knowledge, one that I think is indispensable for a broad understanding of the development of knowledge over the many thousands of years of human history.

He is wise enough to know that things have not always been for the best: What more can you want in a book? The author states opposite.

I’ve given this book as a gift to about a dozen different people! Oct 23, Chris Beiser marked it as given-up-on. Odren yes, I gave the book away as a gift quite a few times! It stems, therefore, from an American point of reference when hope and confidence at least in the Western world was possibly at its highest point, and even provokes the author into making tentative and from our place in time, possibly quite amusing but interesting predictions for the next hundred years which brevve themselves also call for a cautious but still optimistic future.

And yes, I gave the book away as a gift quite a few times! If both are eradicated, then terrorism will cease to exist, or at least lessen!


doten This goes for anyone who has ever argued with Smarterchild on AIM. Here is the column: In he confessed before the United States Congress that he had been given the correct answers by the producers of the show Twenty One.


Let me explain, by remarking only on aspects of history discussed within these pages that are about non-white people.

Perhaps Van Doren feels that he has proven his scholarly mettle on enough occasions to exempt himself from the ardors of research, for one finds no footnotes or bibliographical information whatsoever in the entire work. Breve historia del saber charles van doren 16, Dale rated it really liked it.

A History of Knowledge: Past, Present, and Future

To ask other readers questions about Breve historia del saberplease sign up. If you do not know much about the history of great people and their great ideas, this is a good book.

How Christians were the light of breve historia del saber charles van doren dark ages. If the myriad reviewers of which I speak were correct, my above paragraph would not exist, for none of it would be true. We learn of the long history of African slavery. But we already have the Historai civil war to learn from, chrales our experience with Abraham Brefe would be a great reference.

If you already have a general knowledge of Western history you will be disappointed. The impact of European expansion, the rise of science and the development of modern political systems are all studied in their historical context, and Van Doren concludes the journey with an examination of the world today and his predictions for the future.

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