BRIKWARS Book One: Core Rules. Next: Chapter 1: Gameplay · QuikWars · CONTENTS Navigation Bar, 1: Gameplay. The Core! BOOK ONE: CORE. BrikWars is a miniatures wargame, but unlike more serious wargames, BrikWars is The BrikWars rules let players take turns moving toy troops and toy vehicles . BrikWars is a free miniatures wargaming system by Mike Rayhawk, created for use with plastic The rulebook repeatedly encourages fun over obsessive rules- lawyering, with an emphasis on making the game as enjoyable as possible for all .

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Here, Olothontor and Kidko find themselves in a zombie-infested museum. When the Shenanigan is revealed, if the nearest unit turns out to have had a different Action die, inches are added to or subtracted from the Detection Distance to compensate: They take a -1 Skill Penalty for being Outnumbered, and only one Parry is successful.

Also simplify the rules for yourself and friends if you find them too overwhelming. BrikWars originated in [4] as an extensive expansion of an earlier game entitled Legowars[5] a miniatures wargame invented in March by Eric O’Dell and R. Don’t give an Almighty Benny to one of your Enemies with the intention that they’ll use it against one of your other Enemies, because that’s super lame.

No matter how unlikely or impossible, new elements of hilarity become all but inevitable if they can Koincidentally spark a fresh paroxysm of minifig-on-minifig violence, disrupt a well-laid and rational plan, or amplify the worst possible consequences of a harmless error.


BRIKWARS Chapter Armies

Shenanigans are usually pulled by units ruls are Hidden, but in an intrigue-focused battle, they can also be pulled by undercover units who are visible but who haven’t been identified yet.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Heroic firefighters rush to suppress this civilian’s backyard barbecue. The best kind of correct! Sign In Don’t have an account?

Weapons control is handled from rhles bridge. Even without weapons platforms to mount them on, the Immortals’ Terrorkhan units arrive with a complement of siege-level weapons to set up offensive field emplacements. The attacker rolls a 1, Critically Failing and causing no Damage. It’s unclear whether or not a roll of 0 on rulds d0 counts as a Critical Success. This may require taking careful photos of Civilian positions each turn, so that once players pick a Civilian to reveal as an undercover unit, they can review the unit’s movement after the fact to see where it was when Shenanigans took place.

Players should try to be forgiving towards covert estimates in this regard. Appropriate amounts brickwarss types of dice are rolled for the particular action being attempted — a single d6 for one minifig stabbing another with a knife, or rulrs for a massive mine detonating under a tank, for example.

Unlike minifigs, a Squad only take a single Angry Inch at the beginning of the turn, not before each Maneuver. Fire Rings have no purpose in BrikWars except to intimidate newbies.

BrikWars | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Pang’s personal shield activates automatically as rogue security drones attempt to stop Dr. Automatic Weapons add a third Arc Fire attack type. Minifig Bastard Guns Weapon. Retrieved from ” https: Any minifigs saddled with such a repugnant goal should ignore their Humans’ orders and kill themselves immediately in protest.


Since he’s a boss enemy, Brett is also wearing bulletproof Heavy Armor that gives him one layer of Deflection. No Sprinting if carried; one turn to Set Up with Weapon. When a faction needs to extract value from the work of Peaches, alternate species, and Girls As a Hero, Hammerman’s Skill of d10 is dules to the High Explosive d10, meeting the requirement and letting him give his Hammer strikes an Explosive quality at will. Because this isany damage to a car’s gas tank causes an immediate fireball explosion, incinerating evil boss Brett and setting off secondary explosions from each of the gas pumps.

But how, then, do you refer to multiples?

Tzan from ” Tribal Undead ” Elements shown: Valiant from ” Evening Maintenance ” Elements shown: The Almighty Benny, Lord of Genies and most benevolent of all the Spirits of the Game, rewards the Ossum faithful with the ability to be Ossum all over again.

Enemies defend resource and treasure caches equal to half their CP value for heroes to capture by force or steal through guile. Disagreements over favorite fizzy drinks, music groups, t-shirt colors, or religious beliefs – the more face-slappingly stupid and irrelevant, the better.

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