THEY ARE THE ONE PERCENT. In Wyoming, a little girl reads people’s darkest secrets by the way they fold their arms. In New York, a man sensing patterns in. Written In Fire The Conclusion to the bestselling. Brilliance Trilogy. ON SALE NOW! logo-amazon logo-barnes-noble indieBoundx51p. Brilliance by Marcus Sakey. Brilliance book cover. logo Amazon. com logo. Rating / A thoroughly enjoyable book that explored the problems .

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No one can fly or move objects with their minds but rather use their ability to excel in all areas of society. A special unit of the DAR, the Equitable Response Unit, was commissioned to hunt down those perceived to be the greatest threats and who were branded as terrorists.

Marcus Sakey

Sakey takes time to give subordinate characters personalities and their own ambitions and motivations. When a major terrorist attack takes place in the city Nick finds himself hot on the trail of John Smith, a notorious “Brilliant” terrorist. Ironically, Nick just discovered that his four-year-old daughter is a high-level abnorm whose abilities have attracted attention. Books by Marcus Sakey.

The basic setup involves one of my favorite sf tropes, the next gen of humans, with gifts. I’ve read Sakey’s previous books and have been impressed by his writing ability, mrcus nothing prepared me for the sheer, well, brilliance of Brilliance.

No rhythm no flow to his writing. Most of all, what can we do as regular people when we don’t agree with what is happening?

To ask other readers questions about Brillianceplease sign up. Recommended for science fiction fans. One abnorm is a human lie detector, another moves so surreptitiously that she seems to appear out of thin air. This bleak-but-not-quite-dystopian contemporary world is populated not just by the 99 percent of us who are regular old humans but also by the 1 percent let the parallels begin!

But the creepiest bit of all?


Book review: ‘Brilliance’ by Marcus Sakey – JD Lasica

Most are five-star books that lower their price for a short period. Brilliance Saga 3 books. If you like action-packed thrillers, or just fantastic page-turners, do yourself a favor and pick this one up. And Congress is trying to pass a law that requires all abnorms to have a ‘chip’ inserted close to the carotid artery – so they can sakeyy tracked at all times.

What else do I want to say? Given that he was born about an hour from where I live albeit in another country I am going to pretend he is a local author marcua good writing from local authors is cool. Normal people are frightened, and frightened people are dangerous. All throughout this fic, I felt nothing. And third, marcis ending is like something Hollywood woul If you can get past a couple minor issues, this is an excellent book.

Book review: ‘Brilliance’ by Marcus Sakey

This comment form is under antispam protection. Because I like more meat in my novels, I found it dull, and the action wasn’t enough to fully keep my attention.

The description of this book is also misleading. One bomb I can understand. For a number of years, the DAR limped along, aakey and unable to get much traction in its campaign against the Brilliants. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. One of the leading DAR agents sajey himself an abnorm – named Nick Cooper – whose ability to read body language lets him know exactly what a person is about sakeg do. Some of the writing was also clunky, with stilted dialogue, a surprise considering this isn’t Sakey’s first novel but, predictably, the first in a series.

Natalie, Todd, and Kate are not mere redshirts, so saccharinely perfect before being cruelly offed, launching him on a destructive trail brillisnce vengeance, the way so many of these tales go –they have personalities.

He’s charming and flawed, a divorced family man, a devoted government agent, a dutiful speeder Cooper. And it’s mostly about pretty people, but I mostly write about pretty people too, so I can’t marcu anything.


A decent thriller with the usual lies, deceit and drama that you would expect. This is an absolutely phenomenal book in so many ways. Everyone just kind of forgot about the whole strength and flying and laser vision stuff.

The premise here isn’t very gripping or believable. Not what I wanted it to be. The brilliants are really super smart, like savant smart; they can read patterns, write code, predict the stock market, read others’ body language, etc. This gives Nick a big advantage in hostile situations, and he has tracked down and assassinated many abnorm criminals and extremists. Sakey makes you grin at high-flying feats of imagination, and then grin harder because he sticks the landing.

The last time i was this disappointed in a book was ‘The Atlantis Gene’. There are others, one in particular who have devastated the country because they can read the stock market. They a Brilliant is that lame The fact is, we, abnorms, brilliants, twists, we cannot survive a war.

In the US, we have had the Snowden scandal, and many of us learned, though some of us had already suspected, that our government had been bugging its own citizens. Even though it’s fast-paced, the author does a great job of slowing down enough to let the story unfold naturally, letting us get to know Cooper and his world.

Brilliance by Marcus Sakey book review

Views Read Edit View history. Let’s start by establishing that one sign of a terrible writer is that the book’s characters seem like only a thin veil over the author’s own maecus.

This is a suspenseful book, it really kept me turning the pages, wanting to find out how it was going to end.

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