Request PDF on ResearchGate | Broadband Light Bending with Plasmonic Nanoantennas | The precise manipulation of a propagating wave using phase. Broadband light bending with plasmonic nanoantennas. Xingjie Ni, Naresh K. Emani, Alexander V. Kildishev, Alexandra Boltasseva, Vladimir. Generalized Snell’s Law and bending near-IR light with optical nanoantennae .. Broadband light bending with plasmonic nanoantennas.

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If you require urgent assistance, please contact Customer Service. Length of the nanoantenna arms. Shalaev, Ultra-thin, planar, Babinet-inverted plasmonic metalenses, Light: Privacy Terms of Use. It should be possible to extend our mechanism to other frequencies by using different materials and structure parameters. The light spots on the screen in the foreground are combined photoimages of the transmitted light beams for different wavelengths.

Click here to see what’s new. We subsequently use an electron-beam evaporator for gold deposition. We review the exciting field of optical metamaterials and outline the recent progress in developing tunable and active MMs, semiconductor-based and loss-free negative-index MMs. Remember me on this computer. Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nanophotonics A prerequisite in all previous metasurface designs has been the assumption that mutual coupling between adjacent subunits is negligible.

Although our design consists of two separated layers, this fabrication process is arguably simpler than for single-layer metasurfaces.

Click here to learn more. OSA will be bendinf for the holidays from 21 December Efficient manipulation of visible light is achieved with a V-shaped bilayer metasurface.


OSA | Negative Refraction and Light Bending with Plasmonic Nanoantennas

We obtain a high conversion efficiency Broadbandd metasurfaces that operate in reflection mode exhibit relatively higher efficiencies than those in transmission mode, 4, 5 the reflective metasurfaces also introduce inconveniences in many applications. Width of the nanoantennas.

Moreover, we have achieved a strikingly high extinction ratio of Our one-step fabrication process eliminates the challenges previously associated with sample preparation. Such complicated designs result in great challenges for their application at visible wavelengths. In addition to providing all the benefits of plasmonic metasurfaces in terms of light manipulation with our hybrid bilayer metasurface, we also overthrow the theoretical efficiency upper limit of ultrathin plasmonic metasurfaces.

Our one-step fabrication for the bilayer metasurface is more viable and cost-effective, and therefore largely beneficial for practical applications.

Nanotechnology High-efficiency hybrid plasmonic metasurfaces Fei Qin, Lei Zhang, Shengtao Mei, Minghui Hong and Cheng-Wei Qiu Coupling a nanoantenna metasurface with its Babinet-inverted counterpart gives rise to extremely high-performance bilayer structures. Equations displayed with MathJax.

High-efficiency hybrid plasmonic metasurfaces | SPIE Homepage: SPIE

In our work we have proposed and experimentally demonstrated an efficient bilayer plasmonic metasurface that works in transmission mode at visible frequencies see Figure 1. In addition, there has been particular interest in ultrathin metasurfaces operating in transmission mode, but these metasurfaces are still in their infancy because of their low manipulation efficiency and extremely complex fabrication methods especially for visible light manipulation.

This website uses cookies to deliver some of our products and services as well as for analytics and to provide you a more personalized experience. There has been a growing amount of attention to 2D metasurfaces since their introduction for manipulating the propagation of electromagnetic waves. Login or Create Account.


In this way we manage to avoid the lift-off process. In general, all these promising metasurfaces can be categorized as operating either in reflection mode or transmission mode. High conversion efficiency performance of the optimized bilayer plasmonic metasurface.

Broadband light bending with plasmonic nanoantennas

The coupling yields a remarkably high conversion efficiency We also discuss a new approach for broadband light bending by using symmetry-breaking meta-surfaces with plasmonic nanoantennas. Hess, Two two-dimensional lught are better than one, Sciencep. We’ve also updated our Privacy Notice. A key feature of our bilayer metasurface design is its ease of fabrication see Figure 3. Privacy Terms of Use.

J-GLOBAL – Japan Science and Technology Agency

He, High-efficiency broadband anomalous reflection by gradient meta-surfaces, Nano Lett. Shalaev, Broadband light bending with plasmonic nanoantennas, Sciencep. Zentgraf, Dual-polarity plasmonic metalens for visible light, Nat. The entire structure is ultrathin, with a thickness of nm about a sixth of plasmobic wavelength. Brongersma, Dielectric gradient metasurface optical elements, Sciencep. The subunit cell of the bilayer metasurface is shown in the bottom right.

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