Download BROTHER MFCCN FACSIMILE EQUIPMENT SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. For the location of a Brother authorized service center, call BROTHER. IMPORTANT select Brother, MFL. Pro Suite MFCCN from the Programs. Find official Brother MFCCN FAQs, videos, manuals, drivers and downloads here. Get the answers and technical support you are looking for.

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No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher.

Specifications are subject manal change without notice. PREFACE This Service Manual is intended for use by service manal and details the specifications, construction, theory of operation, and maintenance for the Brother machines xervice on the front cover. It includes information required for troubleshooting and service–disassembly, reassembly, and lubrication–so that service personnel will be able to understand equipment function, repair the equipment in a timely manner and order spare parts as necessary.

When installing the printer driver, the installer logs events that occur during the installation process in the event log file. This appendix views a sample of the event log file. If there are faxes in the machine memory, you need to print them or save them before you turn off the power and unplug the MFC.

To prevent injuries, use at least two people to lift the machine. Be careful not to trap your fingers when you set the machine back down. Put the machine near a telephone wall jack and a standard, grounded AC power outlet.

Information about the keys on the control panel is included to servixe you check operation or make adjustments. Color Start, Black Start It aids in understanding the basic principles of operation as well as locating defects for troubleshooting. The machine produces color printing through the interactive operations of these five systems as shown in Fig. The OPC belt is located as shown in Fig. Color printing is made by actuating the each process in the print system and mqnual system. Exposing The exposing process means that the OPC belt surface is exposed to the laser beam to dervice an electrostatic latent image.

Brother MFC-9420CN Machine Error 2C

Developing Developing process means that an electrostatic latent image on Setvice belt is made visible with toner. First Transfer Belt The first transfer process means that the toner images on the OPC belt is transferred onto the transfer belt. Potential of the transfer belt is nearly GND.

Belt Discharging Erase Lamp OPC belt discharging process means that upon completion of the first transfer process, Servic light is radiated on the OPC belt prior to cleaning the belt to discharge brorher residual charge for electrical cleaning. Second Transfer Paper Second transfer process means that the toner image on the transfer belt is transferred onto the transported paper.


Drum Cleaning Transfer belt cleaning process means that the residual toner on the transfer belt is removed. This laser diode is controlled by the fast switching according to transmitted image data video signal. The generated laser light scans over the OPC belt through a polygon mirror and lens, by which electrostatic latent images will be formed on the OPC belt.

When toner images are formed on the transfer belt through the operations of print system and transfer system, a paper is serviice by the paper feed roller and transported to the registration roller. The transported paper is further transported to the transfer, fuser servcie exit part by the registration roller synchronizing with the rotation of the transfer belt.

Papers carrying the toner images pass between the heat rollers. Heat and pressure is applied to the paper when passing between the heat rollers so that the toner image is melted and fused on the paper. The toner image that has been transferred onto the paper is simply adhered on the paper but not fused yet. Transported paper passes between the heater roller and back-up roller. Each roller is brpther up to approx.

To control the print process from the paper feed through paper exit. CL Paper Sensor P. Name Function To control the series of processes of the Machine: Developer Motor PU To drive the toner cartridge and the developing system. Scanner Motor To mfx the laser beam.

RECL Registration To transport papers by coupling the registration Clutch PU roller to mabual gear unit as synchronized with the rotation of transfer drum. Registration Sensor PU Photo sensor to detect the paper is fed from the paper tray. ADF Front Sensor 3. Fuser Exit Sensor Manuall ADF Rear Sensor Toner Sensor PU 5. Printer controller acts as a slave to video controller. L14A DDK or the equivalent. Signal Name Pin No. The following type of DIMM can be installed into each slot.

The detailed illustration on the next page shows the components making up the ADF: Document moves across stationary CIS unit Placing a sergice face up in the document support activates the document front sensor, switching to ADF brohter. The CIS drive mechanism details below operates for each scanning command executed. The CIS unit first moves to the white-level reference film for white level compensation and then to the ADF scanning position. The brorher personnel should instruct end users to follow the transfer procedure given in this chapter if the machine at the user site cannot print received data due to the printing mechanism defective.

The disassembly order flow provided enables you to see at a glance the quickest way to get to component s involved. At the start of a disassembly job, you check the brothrr order flow that guides you through a shortcut to the object components. In particular, when having access to the power supply mc the machine, make sure that the power cord is unplugged from the electrical outlet; Preparation Prior to proceeding with the disassembly procedure, Unplug the modular jack of the telephone line, the USB cable, if connected not shown belowand the modular jack of the external telephone set if connected not shown below.


Machine AC cord Fig. The disassembly and replacement of the maintenance parts shall be performed by the skillful personnel having completed the appropriate training and at the appropriate location having the test facilities for the product safety test. Lock lever Lock lever Fig. Since the voltage of heater lamp is subject to the destination, confirm the specified rated voltage.

SM3x6 with washer Lamp holder H: SM3x6 with washer Fuser lamp Fig. ST3x6 with washer Fig. Screw Side cover LR Fig. Shield plate Screw Fig. Top side L Screw Fig. A DF cove r Scanner unit Fig. Pressure roller shaft Pressure roller Fig. Separation rubbe r A DF plate spring Fig. Pressure roller shaft Ejection roller Ejection roller Fig. Document rear actuator Lower document chute Hook Fig.

Document front actuato r Hook Lower document chute Fig. Pressure roller shaft Pressure rolle r s Fig. Backlight connecto r Panel unit Fig. When re-assembling the rubber key, make sure that the manuual works correctly. Top side R Screw Back cover Fig. Center cover Top cover Fig. Side cover LF Screws Fig. The switch is supported by the hooks and shaft. In this instance, do not cause the belt surface touch brotheg peripheral parts.

Shaft TR cam clutch Washer Fig. When reassembling the 9420ccn, ensure to secure each of them onto the correct position since they are exactly alike.


Speake r Hooks Hooks Fig. Scanner door sensor actuato r Power supply fan duct PU Scanner door senso r Since 2 kinds of the screw are used, confirm the screw before using. When installing the toner key sensor PU, pushing the sensor to mvc front side and then tighten the setscrew 942c0n fix the sensor.

In this instance, maintain the paper exit unit closed. Transfer unit base Washer Bearing Remove the setscrew by turning the gear holder.

This gear is the snap-in type. 9420cnn roller shaft sagging. The machine checks and sets the area to be scanned. If no error is noted, the machine returns to the initial stage of the maintenance mode. Even country setting is set already, the customer can change the setting when the machine is turned on. Next press the key four times to make the machine enter the maintenance mode.

Brother MFCCN Support

Belt cartridge lock levers Belt cartridge lock levers Fig. OPC belt cartridge Fig.

Sequence of Assembling 1 Remove the tension release pins from both sides of the new OPC belt cartridge. Belt tension release pin Belt tension release pin Fig.

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