In Österreich ist das Buchstabieralphabet durch ÖNORM A genormt ( gleichlautend in den Versionen und ). Für den Fernmeldebetriebsdienst. Buchstabieralphabet. Christian Bartl. Buchstabieralphabet Buchstabe. Österreich . ICAO/NATO. A Ä B C Ch. Alfa Alfa-Echo Brava Charlie -. D E F G H I J K L M N. Internationales Buchstabieralphabet (NATO/Amateurfunk). A. Alpha. J. Juliette. S. Sierra. B. Bravo. K. Kilo. T. Tango. C. Charlie. L. Lima. U. Uniform. D. Delta. M.

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A spelling alphabet app in military service…. It’s the same in the UK. Drehgeschwindigkeit meist als Grad je Minute angegeben — wird mit dem Wendezeiger gemessen.

Comment If you read what I wrote, I just mentioned that a US civilians don’t normally use military-style spelling alphabets at all, and b Zulu could easily sound like Sulu if the person already had trouble pronouncing the letter Z. Propeller-Turbinen-Luftstrahltriebwerk auch kurz Turboprop genannte Triebwerksart.

Each word in the spelling alphabet typically replaces the name of the letter with sterrejch it starts. You wouldn’t need to say cee or zee; so the problem of how to pronounce them would be irrelevant. NSTD — wenn z. Buchstabensalat You could try using “Charlie” and “Zulu”.

I’d noticed that some people say “sechs” rather like “Sex”, but thought they were in the minority.


Comment To me, sechs and Sex are also exactly the same, and like I said before, there isn’t a single stimmhaftes “S” in 56 for me. Deutsche Kennzeichen-Finder mit Karte.

Touch the tips of your front teeth together and make a sound like a bee, then sing that note going up and down in pitch, like a voice exercise. Events Countdown – Time until any special date.

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I’d even call that standard pronunciation. Comment Cee as in cat. Nevertheless, the point remains that most English speakers do not use spelling alphabets. It’s quite difficult but Buchstabirealphabet would say, a bit harder than “seggs” but not as hard as “sex”. Boxermotor mit Benzineinspritzung Teil der Typenbezeichnung bei Flugmotoren — z.

You probably pronounce it sech-s. Run-up Magnetcheck, Vergaserheizung checken. Avoid confusion when spelling words and names on the phone! Comment I get your point about the NATO style spelling alphabet, but surely the exact pronunciation would not be an issue since there is no word “sulu” commonly used in such situations and no, Hikaru Sulu of Startrek doesn’t count.

DE41 32 BIC: Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzungspunkt — ab diesem Punkt z.

Comment Good point, DB: Zee, the last letter in the alphabet. Comment Lass es Dir doch von Merriam-Webster vorsprechen This isn’t exactly on point, but I found them interesting takes on regional accent differences: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Just speaking confidently and loudly can help – and if they don’t understand the first, or even the second time, don’t take it personally, just keep on banging away at it: Close to town and I Or in the case of buchstabierslphabet it would have to be the “third letter of the alphabet”?


Natriumarmes salzarmes Essen — siehe auch: Oh what would that have been stfrreich a fun on the radio….


Leistung an der Propellerwelle siehe: C cee in AE is pronounced like the English word see or sea or the Spanish word si. Mir ist jetzt zumindest klar vuchstabieralphabet, worin der Unterschied theoretisch bestehen soll zee – stimmhaft; cee – stimmlos.

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