Building with Earth by Gernot Minke, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Building with Earth Gemot Minke Building with Earth Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture Birkhauser – Publishers for Architecture Basel • Berlin. Minke, Gernot Documentation of 30 international earth buildings. The characteristics of the building material earth and its applications in modern architecture.

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Another disadvantage of such presses is that the soil mix must be kept at a constant level of moisture and composition.

Straw, chaff, coarse sand and other additives can be mixed dur- ing the same operation. One of the easiest methods for reducing the size of clods and making their consistency workable without mechan- ical labour is to place the earth clods in water so that they can become plastic on their bilding.

When adding cement to loam, the mixture should be used immediately, since the setting of cement starts at once.

Gernot Minke

It is also advantageous if this formwork can con- tribute to a substantial increase in thermal insulation. The more porous the nuilding, the lighter it is and the greater its thermal insulation. This has steel angles fixed onto a horizontal plate, which rotates at a rate of rotations per minute.

These constructions demonstrate the impressive versatility of earth architecture and the many different uses of the building material earth. In contrast, expanded clay, which is also used to achieve lightweight loam, reaches its equilibrium moisture content at only 0. To prevent the loam profile from stick- ing, the base is lined with a thin strip of plastic or oilpaper.

Plasticity index The difference between the liquid limit and the plastic limit is called the plasticity index PI. Capillary getnot Water movement All materials with open porous structures like loam are able to store and transport water within their capillaries.


Building with Earth: Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture

Grain size distribution The grain size distribution of mineral aggre- gates affects the properties of lightweight mineral loam. If bed- room humidity decreased too much, the door to the bathroom was opened after showering, recharging the bedroom walls with humidity. Dimitar Pashov rated it really liked it Nov 03, Traditional rammed earth techniques are still used ubilding many developing countries.

Although occupants immediately become iwth when room temperatures are too high or too low, the negative impacts of excessively elevated or reduced humidity levels are not common knowledge.


Swelling only occurs if loam comes into direct contact with so much water that it loses its solid state. Bending tensile strength depends mainly on the clay content and builving type of the clay minerals involved. This is an important value when considering the con- densation phenomena in building compo- nents. If com- positions vary, then both the volume of the 6.

The absorption rates of 1. The soil grain size distribution of a leaner sandy loam appropriate for earth blocks is shown in 6. The authora TM s presentation reflects the rich and varied experiences gained over thirty years of building earth structures all over the world.

Building with Earth : Gernot Minke :

Published May 5th by Birkhauser first published January 1st Protection of the wall surface against the elements can be achieved by plaster, masonry or timber panelling with air cavity. These lamellas consist of different layers that are usually formed around silicon or aluminium cores.

For more details, see p. If the ribbon breaks after only a few centimetres, the mixture has too little clay. Want to Read saving….


When the groove closes at 25 strokes, the water content of the mixture is equal to the liquid limit. Here, sand is poured into a container hanging on the lower part of the sample at a rate of not more than g per minute. The rule of thumb says that cement and bitumen as stabilisers are good for loam with less clay, and lime for clayey loams.

In Australia in the s, a pneumatic ram was used 5. I am gonna use it in the future for sure. Similarly, loam can pre- serve small quantities of straw that are mixed into it. Earth as building material should be free of wiht and plant matter. Still, this is not an exact method of eqrth. In the second case, a somewhat better stiffness of the inner adobe or soil block leaf is attained due to the bonding pattern in the compo- nents.

Water penetration test after Karsten In Karsten’s water penetration test, a spherical glass container with a diameter of 30 mm and an attached measuring cylinder egrnot fixed with silicon glue to the test sample so that the test surface in contact with the water is 3 cm 2 Karsten,see 2.

More important than the volume of the pores are the dimensions of the pores. This is because there were no hairline wwith, and because the loam contained pores large enough to allow the freezing water to expand. Description For a number of years, the healthy and environment-friendly building material earth, in common use for thousands of years, has been enjoying increasing popularity, including in industrialized nations.

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