Business Maharajas [Gita Piramal, Gita Piramal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The inside track to India’s most powerful tycoons The. Business Maharajas [Gita Piramal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr Gita Piramal is managing editor of The Smart Manager, India’s first world-class management magazine, launched in.

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Book Review: Business Maharajas by Gita Piramal

They planned to later pick up these same shares very cheaply and thereby make a tidy profit on the difference. Despite the dip in profits, Ambani declared a 27 per cent dividend. Gita Piramal has done a wonderful job in compiling a book of this kind that is also eminently readable.

Once they were up and running, he would guard them jealously, fending off marauders. Although it has always been positioned as an up market product and has also been priced that way, its customers have stubbornly continued to be in the middle bracket.

Start reading Business Maharajas on your Kindle in under a minute. Ratan Tata, and last but not the least Mr. Secondly, when building factories, try to get them up and running as pirwmal as possible.

Up toAmbani has mobilized Rs Thereby he altered the course of B. After the bear raid “Dhirubhai became the small investor’s stock market deity, but this image got further reinforced when Reliance offered to convert the nonconvertible port ion of the debentures issued piranal q and into equity,” says Ghoshal.

Based on a loose interpretation of karma, he believes that every individual is born into piramla orbit in which he will probably remain for the rest of his life. And at that time the duties were not so costly. Whereas the old mills resembled cobwebbed museums, Reliance’s Naroda unit could have been in any developed country. Seven Business Houses that thrived the Socialist India, should have been a better title for this book, without any exception everyone of these business have had a tussle with the government and with the public, rioting their industries and going to strikes and lock downs.


Business Maharajas (Penguin business)

They are a study in contrasts. The government delayed clearing one of Dhirubhai’s mega debenture issues. Its expansion trailed behind Bajaj Auto’s incredible growth rate of 1, per cent.

See the opportunity and strike. In India, it raised a brouhaha. It’s the most famous car in Bombay. You have to sell your ideas to the government. Msharajas 30, Mohd Asim rated it liked it Shelves: Ambani is not the only overachiever to experience ‘eelings of persecution.

Using the technique of short selling-whe’re a speculator believes that prices, will fall, sells shares he doesn’t have, and covers the sale by buying them at lower prices laterwthe bear syndicate sold 1. How big should a biography be before it becomes s useful? Dhirubhai once said, “I consider myself a pathfinder. In the years to come, Dhirubhai’s health would be the subject of intense speculation. They were eventually granted one in but even then the licence of 10, tpa that Reliance got was more than 40 per cent above that of Orkay.

The business of a company was to earn profit and declare dividends, not to dabble on the stock markets, keeping track of share prices and supporting a scrip whenever it wobbled.

You could call them stubborn, even bullheaded, and once an idea has germinated in their mind, they won’t give it up easily. Other businessmen’s issues might flop, but not his. For weeks stock markets across the country had been humming with excitement in anticipation of the announcement. Tony Vijay rated it liked it Oct 18, And for that, Ambani had to change the bureaucracy’s mindset and force it to review the licensing system.


Switch on a light, sip a cup of tea, have a shave, listen to music, drive to work, see a movie, snuggle into a pillow—and you’ll find yourself using their products through the day and into the night. It’s hard being a Tara.

ByReliance fabrics were available all over India through twenty company owned retail outlets, over 1, franchised outlets and over 20, regular retail stores. The company had to fly executives to smaller cities with mail as personal luggage which husiness then posted locally.

The view of Microsoft is always kind of an underdog thing. I do not consider myself cleverer than my colleagues in the industry. Three days after the finance ministry had relaxed constraints on NRI investments businexs August 20,three companies applied to the Reserve Bank of India for more Reliance shares. My dad, my mother, my grandmother, my uncle, my brother and myself lived in one room. We are a very professional setup.

Patel and Dhirubhai were married in March at Chorwad. Reliance out paced the rumours.

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