Read “My Wonderful World Of Slapstick” by Buster Keaton with Rakuten Kobo. Over half century ago the society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Review: My Wonderful World of Slapstick by Buster Keaton, Charles Samuels. Ernest Callenbach. FILM QUART Vol. 13 No. 3, Spring, (p. 62) DOI: /. An intimate, personal story of Buster Keaton’s private and professional life.

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But this book is not a clean-cut memoir as it is bustet man’s series of recollections coming back to him in the end of his career and his life.

Nobody else had ever borrowed money from me, and I was very impressed by the transaction. There is a spirit of exaggeration and tall-tale that runs through it and the reader should be especially cautious about accepting the factual details of his telling. I Stooged to Conquer.

My Wonderful World Of Slapstick : Buster Keaton :

This was because it worod the most show-wise crowd in the country, for other performers attended in droves. When we couldn’t think of one more thing to do, Pop yelled, “Pull up the curtain. But all of her life Mom preferred playing auction pinochle to any other occupation, sport, amusement, employment, or, as we say in show business, divertisement. Paperbackpages.

Undiscouraged by Pastor’s perjured affidavit the Gerry Society, as the S. Kelly explained that claim checks weren’t used in London.

My Wonderful World of Slapstick by Buster Keaton

Instead he speaks up for his friends like Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle whose career ended due to a scandal that was manufactured by the press and prosecutors. It isn’t written in the most nuanced prose, but Keaton has many a yarn to spin busfer the anecdotes tumble from one to another with the kind of inexhaustable invention that how showed in his films. The mg I recall seeing was Ada Walker, the wife of George Walker, the partner of Bert Williams, when she appeared with Williams and Walker in an all-Negro revue and incidentally sang “Shine,” which is still a perennial favorite.


And he writes in his voice, you know? The work and performing were things he never left, and which never left him.

That was usually the first hint the buoyant fisherman got that something might be amiss. After she took about six bows Pop stepped to the footlights and told them with a wink, “Don’t spoil her, boys. Mom quit the act shortly before Louise was born.

Being a resourceful little chap, I man- aged to find a brick to throw at it. About two months before I was born my mother was in an acci- dent. Next he would throw everything in the bureau drawers on the bed.

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If strangers rowed past our house they sometimes saw something that made their eyes pop. As she played on, Pop hung a mirror on the corner of the house set, lathered his face, and started to shave himself with a straight, old-fashioned fo.

When Seth Low, a reform mayor, succeeded Van Wyck, they brought me before him to be stripped and examined, also before one New York governor. There was a bar in Pasco’s Tavern and a club to which all the slapsrick belonged.

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I do know a parody, but it doesn’t belong to me. And in many ways, this same ability spilled over into his personal life. But at one matinee Jingles beat her to it and said, “Law’s Law! He is candid about his married life and the disappointments it contained, as his first wife wiped him out with nary a squabble.

Would you like us to take another look at this review? There is a lot here on the gags especially the slapstickk vaudeville days and how child labor laws made it difficult for him to work with his parents. keatin


Often, one recollection will spark another in a stream of consciousness that must only make sense to Keaton, which makes his narrative a bit jarring at times. Hardly surprising, once you’ve already read something about him, saw a few documentaries or watched him in the behind the scenes docu that is Buster Keaton Rides Again.

I even climbed high up in the flies so I could look straight down on him as he worked. Jul 27, Lara rated it it was amazing. On that particular day, Pop and I were wearing blue serge suits which we had hung next to each other in the dressing-room closet. Of course, you must remember that it was originally published inwondsrful unlike today, stars didn’t tell all in their life stories.

In this I went behind a door and stuck out my head. My father got so many black eyes fighting with bigger boy bootblacks for the best street corners that he soon was nicknamed “Dick Deadeyes. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Guster doesn’t go into a lot of specifics about the making of his films and is more interested in telling you about the practical jokes he played on his fellow old Hollywood stars.

What the Responses of s Critics Reveal.

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