Build Your Own Clone manufactures DIY kits based on classic vintage effects pedals. All kits are % true bypass, and contain all necessary components. FT: BYOC Lazy Sprocket. Got one of these prebuilt, but I’ve found out I don’t really need it that much, so I’d like to see what I can get for it in. B.Y.O.C. (Build Your Own Clone) Lazy Sprocket. Clone of the iconic Boss Slow Ger volume swell pedal. Get that pedal steel/violin sound.

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BYOC Lazy Sprocket –

This is probably not the effect you’re looking for if you’re using this pedal. Many envelope filter pedals that sweep tone frequencies instead of volume like the DOD Envelope Filter have controls that operate in exactly the same manner.

So the irony is that the most extreme settings for the Lazy Sprocket are for the Sens and Attack to be fully counter-clockwise. A very very sensitive envelope setting means that the effect will be triggered immediately.

Lazy Sprocket – Thermionic Studios

Well, yes, and no. So this is what we’ve come to expect.


True 3 General Information 4 Phase Inversion: No 5 Pedal Speocket 6 Schematic 7 Artists. We believe that the best references are either this wiki page, or the build instruction manual at Buildyourownclone. Retrieved from ” http: Views Read View source View history. For reasons that are not obvious to us, BYOC labeled the transistors in their schematic as “T”, despite the common convention of such devices being labeled “Q”.

Such settings require a strong signal so the effect can be triggered.

Special Recent changes Random page Help. For example, let’s suppose you have a distortion pedal that you love. In fact, alzy is how most pedals work: This pedal uses an envelope filter.

sprockef The Lazy Sprocket also filters your instrument’s signal envelope. Doing so makes the effect less extreme, and more like what your instrument would sound like without the pedal even being on. This page was last edited on 11 Septemberat Contents 1 Bypc 2 Bypass: An aggressive attack will then make the pedal swell the volume far more quickly – to the point of it sounding like a note that’s been struck on the instrument normally.

BYOC Lazy Sprocket

However, instead of using the intensity of the signal envelope to filter different frequency bands across the signal like a Wah-wahthe Lazy Sprocket uses the intensity of the signal envelope to swell volume levels. However, this is where the Lazy Sprocket is different.


Image from ac4minus3 on YouTube. Maximizing the Sens and Attack controls don’t make the effect more extreme. As a result of using it a lot, you’ve learned, and come to expect, that turning all the knobs clockwise as far as they will go will result in the most extreme effect from the pedal. The one thing that’s unusual about the Lazy Sprocket is that it operates in bgoc fashion opposite of most pedals that you might be familiar with. Sprociet menu Personal tools Log in.

Such settings will then also ramp up the volume gently, not immediately. As of this time, BYOC has not issued a separate manual on how to use the pedal. Marty Friedman Billy Corgan.

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