PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor. Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta=25°C unless otherwise noted. Electrical Characteristics Ta=25°C unless otherwise noted. CB Datasheet, CB PDF, CB Data sheet, CB manual, CB pdf, CB, Weitron Technology, BCB, PNP General Purpose Transistor. CB Datasheet, CB PDF. Datasheet CB data sheet, alldatasheet, free, databook. CB parts ON Semiconductor, BCB · Amplifier Transistors.

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Samapat D Sorry Sir Q.

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Also replaced ic, although the other one was good after all: Reinstall the HOT transistog hook the light bulb up to L while it is still fully connected to the board. When c55b8 first power it up you can hear the familiar ‘spit’ sound that the monitor makes when charging up the tube but then nothing. Then I went through the control board debacle. I will look at the schematic tonight and come up with some things for you to look at.

But I wasn’t going to hook up the rejuvinator until I fixed the chassis. I forgot to mention the flowchart says T1 or IC1 if you have blanking problems. It also has raster like lines. I can’t really read schematics yet, and have tested many resistors and diodes nearby when the remote board comes into the chassis.

Ok check out this video of my issue I suspect a loose solder joint?

My meter doesn’t want to give me any good data either. He died on October 25, in an accident. MOV’ extension refers usually to what kind of file?


LOL Sorry i couldn’t resist. I will do that. Is pin one of IC shorted to ground?

Brands Line Card Manufacturers. Alright, first things first. C558v that it outputs 12v. I’m also going to replace c It will keep blowing until the short is removed.

With a bad T1 the amp will definitely not work but I don’t think it would cause R to blow, especially now that it’s disconnected from the neckboard. You hear the tic-tic-tic sound.

BC558 . Datasheet. Equivalente. Reemplazo. Hoja de especificaciones. Principales características

The one that I believe is the hot has on it. I can bring an O-scope home from work tomorrow if that is necessary. So I must be confusing hv shutdown, X-ray protection, and over current protection. I sold the game it came out of but I still have the chassis. This is not what I had before I shorted it. It was new when I put it in a year ago and before I took it out and switched it around, the negative side was facing the big heat sink on the outside.

I was just trying to move the wires out of the camera view. Heyden D Devid Hussey Q.

BC558B Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

I discovered on one of the last Polos I had out that the heatsinks develop a corrosion that prevents the solder from sticking — I wound up sanding the tips and then they would hold in place a lot better. Thanks for the help. As far as putting it transisttor it’s side, well, I don’t transisfor like removing the monitor from the cab I went to the trouble of changing the heater parts on the neckboard, no change.

Power Transistors RF Transistor. I think those are transidtor to be isolated, based on the dark green around that one point. Still the resistor blows. I wonder if I scrape the trace and put more of a solid solder pad for it if it would help establish a better connection. What could be causing this? Hopefully this thing will be up and going soon. Ok c measures 4. Seriously, been working on this damn thing for almost a year. Thanks if C is the one your finger is on then either c5558b is correct.


Every donation is appreciated, big and small. BDX 53A may be hard to find. Thanks for the suggestion. Does anyone know, according to the schematic, where the surge of the short goes once it comes into the main chassis off of the control board and what parts it may hit first?

Rajendra Prasad B Dr. Looking at the datasheets for both, it looks to me like the emitter and collector are swapped around from one another from the old part to the new part see pic Does this mean I go against the silkscreen orientaion on the board and turn the transistor around? The cap I am referring to is just to the left, the big black and white one right next to the big silver heat sink.

Let me know what you find in the schematic aren’t they all the same?

So I put the good hot back in, new resistor, checked the neighboring diodes and d and d, and they tested good.

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