Calculus: One and Several Variables, 10e with Student Solutions Manual Set. Saturnino L. Salas, Garret J. Etgen, Einar Hille Calculus: One. Calculus One and Several Variables 10E Salas Solutions Manual. Free step-by-step solutions to Calculus: One and Several Variables Student Solutions Manual: One and Several Variables, 10th Edition Calculus, 10th Edition Salas and Hille’s Calculus: One and Several Variables, 8th Edition Calculus: One.

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The extreme values of a occur at these times. Suppose that she swims to a point C and thenwalks to B.

Thus, f has a root in 1, 2. Solving the two equations gives: If A 12, then we need B 0 and B 2A2. The shortest ladder is 55 ft long.


The area of the rectangle is: The acceleration at time c was mph. Thus, the minimum must occur variablfs one of the endpoints: However, the local maximum values are all the same, 1, and the local minimumvalues are all the same, 1. The extreme values of v occur calcculus these times.

By Exercises 51 and 60,0. If f is not dierentiable on a, bthen f has a critical point at each point c in a, b where f c capculus exist. It follows that P takes on the value zero only once on [3, ]. Thus, f is increasing on [1, 1];and decreasing on1] [1. If there weremore than three distinct real roots of p xthen by Rolles theorem there would be more than twozeros of p x.


No, by Rolles theorem: Simply reverse the roles of f and g to show that f has exactly one zero between two consecutivezeros of g. H is continuous at 0: The Newton-Raphson method applied to thisfunction gives: If f is continuous at c, then, by the rst-derivative test 4.

E x 0 on12so E has an absolute minimum at This means c is a critical point of f. Thus there mznual at most three distinct real roots of p x.

Therefore, f has exactly one zero in this interval. Post on Oct views. Thus g must have at least one zero in a, b. An example like 47 b: It now follows that S 8 is the absolute minimum of S. The point onthe graph of f where the tangent line is parallel to the line through 1, 3 and 2, 9 is: Since f c 1: The result follows fromthis. We modify the solution of Exercise 63, replacing the walking rate of 2 miles per hour by the rowingrate of 3 miles per hour.

The cylinder of maximal volume has base radius 13R6 and height 23R3. Thus, f is increasing on0] and decreasing on [0. Stand 12 ft from the wall for the most favorable view. Thus, f is increasing on [1, and decreasing on1].

At its maximum height, the velocity of the object is 0. Therefore f isnot dierentiable on 1, 4. The bob attains maximum speed at the equilibrium position.


Calculus One and Several Variables 10E Salas Solutions Manual

Since f c f x for all x in some open interval around c, and likewise f c f x for all salad in someopen interval solufions c, it follows that f must be constant on some open interval containing c. Thus, f has exactly one critical pointc in 2, 3. We use to nd the answer to each part of the problem.

The slope of the line through 1, 3 and 2, 9 is 2. The x-coordinates of the points of inection are: The Newton-Raphson method applied tothis function gives: Not possible; f is increasing, so f 2 must be greater than f 1.

Suppose thatf c1 is an endpoint minimum. If this equation had another real root d, thenby Rolles theorem P x would have to be zero for some x between c and d.

Let f t be the function that gives the cars velocity after t hours. If there were more than two distinct real roots of p xthen by Rolles theorem there would be morethan one zero of p x.

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