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In fact, both cultures are believed to have a common source.

The Others How often do you look up into the night sky and wonder just how many stars, planets, galaxies, and more are out there? Table of contents in Romanian, English, and French. If it was too many years before the correction was made, the gap between the tropics and the Dacian year would have been too great. The answer is simple — the Dacians were simple, practical, wise, and intelligent people, contrary to the opinion of historians who consider them barbarian.

We are impressed by the amazing architectural achievements of the Egyptians, the culture of the ancient Greeks, or the unique military organization in the history of the Romans, but we know so few things about our ancestors, the Dacians. At Sarmizegetusa there was a Dacian calendar, perhaps not as grandiose and popular as the Stonehenge, but more accurately. Both the sanctuary at Stonehenge and the Great Sanctuary at Sarmizegetusa including the Dacian calendar served to measure time and perform religious rituals.


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The Dacian calendar consists of two sanctuaries. Stonehenge and the Great Sanctuary of Sarmizegetusa. Yes, I Wan’t This.

Why not after a year? Dacian civilization represents far more than a few battles with the Roman Empire.

Calendarul de la Sarmizegetusa Regia

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Analyzing each architectural element in part, he found that from the point of view of the settlement, their inner circles are almost identical. But unlike the pyramid builders, our ancestors used hourly coordinates, not horizontal coordinates as the Egyptians did.

Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. What is it about deep space that so calendraul our collective imagination? Both peoples strongly believed in the immortality of the soul, which was also observed by H.

Serban Bobancu (Author of Calendarul de la Sarmizegetusa Regia)

Like the ancient Egyptians, the Dacians studied and measured the stars. And the city of Sarmizegetusa the old capital of Dacia is nothing less than the pyramids! This single location in All: The horseshoes at both Stonehenge and Sarmizegetusa have an identical number of positions: View online Borrow Buy. We never send you spam or pass your information to 3rd parties. Skip to content Skip to search.


Returning to the similarities between Stonehenge and the Great Sanctuary at Sarmizegetusa, the experts identified no less than 16 common issues, of which five are remarkable: Long considered as an enigma, it is hypothetically attributed to the most diverse destinations, from the circus to the necropolis or the altar of the solar god. The National Caldndarul may be able to supply you with a photocopy or electronic copy of all or part of this item, for a fee, depending on copyright restrictions.

And as if the whole Dacian history stops there. Notes Summary in English. Perhaps one of the most well-known descriptions of how our ancestors were referring to science, it belonged to the Roman historian Jordanes and dates from the 6th century.

The first one is based on a measuring unit of 7. For example, very few know that the Dacians were perfect astronomers; just like the Celts in northern England.

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