Manual for CAME ZL92 Control Board Includes ZL92, V21EN. Press the Right Mouse Button / Control-Click and Select “Save Target / Link As” to Download. The ZL19N control panel is engineered and built by Came Cancelli Automatici S.p.A. to Came Cancelli Automatici employs an ISO certified quality. In this condition I went a great while, but when comforting time was come, I heard .}Zl. Acts | my love, thou art my love; and nothing shall separate. Gl.

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The sixth column of a two channel transmitter is for programming. Receiver channels The outputs on the single and dual channel receivers can be selected by jumper link to respond to any of the four transmit channels.

The transmitter zll54 each press of a button, and twice at the end of the sequence of ten presses. The transmitter code needs to have been written down safely at the commissioning stage.

Our online shop is powered by. If the transmitter has a red light and a green belt clip, it cams a BIM type that is not compatible with the TOP series. Its link is stored on one pin only. If the transmitter you have has buttons down the side and has a green light, camd are older models but still compatible.


Each receiver has a 10 bit DIP switch to set the site code, which is common to all the channels. Remove the programming link immediately and store. Columns are numbered from right to left. Channel setting for the left button is made by linking columns 1 or 2.

Two button transmitters are supplied programmed to CH1 left button and CH2 right button. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Two channel transmitters have 6 pairs of gold pins arranged in 6 columns. Receiver coding On old model receivers, the ten bit site code is set on a DIP switch at the top of the receiver board. The transmitters have an internal bleeper that has to sound four times before the full code is sent.

Technical Documents | CAME UK

Coding TOP transmitters send a 12 bit code made up from a 10 bit site code plus a 2 bit channel code. The four channel receiver has a separate output for each channel.

It is not camd to read the code from a programmable decoder. Remote control handset and keyfob transmitters for electric garage door and gate operators by mail order. This gives combinations. Programmable receivers treat the channel code as an extension of the site code. Check the receiver is compatible before attempting to programme either. You will need to read the site code from the receiver DIP switches zll54 make a note of the sequence.


Technical Documents

Transmitter buttons The TM and TM are two button transmitters whose transmit channels can be selected by programming jumpers. Four channel transmitters only have the programming jumper column. It is recommended you set a random site code for new installations. Open the battery compartment and hold with the battery towards you. We also accept payments via PayPal. Click image to enlarge CAME ref: Compatibility The transmitter button colour determines the frequency. To start programming, place the jumper across zl45 pins.

Remote control handset and keyfob transmitters for electric garage door and gate operators by mail order Secure On-Line Shopping and Same-Day despatch Items in Basket: Transmitters are supplied with a CAME default code [] so that the system can be commissioned.

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