Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, Camilo José Cela has long El Viaje a la Alcarria or Journey to the Alcarria is one of the best books I ever read. Information on Journey to the Alcarria by Camilo José Cela. A famous travel book by Camilo José Cela where his offers his impressions Viaje a la Alcarria. Title: Viaje a LA Alcarria. Publisher: Espasa-Calpe SA, España. Publication Date: Binding: Rustica. Book Condition: Como Nuevo. About this title.

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Si viajar es salir de uno mismo y dejar la querencia para llenarse de lo desconocido, en la mochila el viajero lleva mucho espacio libre. Studied in Spanish for IB around This series of sketches never wears out his welcome, rambling on leisurely and concluding almost indifferently. A stork flies past, not very high, with a snake in its beak. View all 4 comments. Although his time was considerably earlier than mine, I could recognize, with dismay, the aspects or elements that have now considerably changed or disappeared.

Quotes from Journey to the Al Cela wanders from village to village through some beautiful and often desolate land. Hypnotic passages, like Sebald, where the figures and landscapes fuse into single forms radiant with the trauma of history. The old man sits down in the ditch and the traveler lies on his back and looks up at some little clouds, graceful as doves, which are floating in the sky.

Lists with This Book.

He wrote about a walking tour he took inonly 6 years after the end of the Camillo Civil War, in an csmilo north-east of Madrid. Cela prefaces Journey to the Alcarria with a letter to Gregorio Maranon, to whom he dedicates the book.

Cela feels for children. It did remind me of the tiny town in Italy my great-grandparents came from–the cemetery, church, old houses restored or rundown, old abandoned mill, etc. He made a rule to stay only one night in each place, not planning his itinerary in advance, but deciding each day which direction to take. When coming back to Madrid, after leaving behind the scarcely populated small towns and valleys I was engulfing myself back into an urban agglomeration, seeing the almost threatening large modern building on the outskirts of the big city, I again felt as if I were traversing the tunnel of time.


Trivia About Journey to the Al People were often trying to guess what he was doing there traveling salesman? He spent around nine days visiting various small towns, sleeping in local inns and talking to those people he met during his wanderings.

It reads more like travel notes than a detailed travelogue, much of it is very short on the details, although he does say where he went, where he stayed and ate, and a few conversations with people he met along the way. But that is not jise we went. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Some partridge fly up from a bed of thyme.

Jan 21, Simon rated it liked it. The parts I found most interesting revolved around old buildings and current uses, and food.

He noted down his observations and then produced his Viaje a la Alcarria. Calendar Plan your trip Favourites. The aesthetic sensibility of the time was marked by a different, freer attitude towards art and life. A fine, short travel book csmilo which nothing much of note happens, recounted in a serene, perfectly crafted way. Past splendor overwhelms and in the end exhausts the people’s will; and without force of will, as can be seen in so ceka cases, by being exclusively occupied with the contemplation of the glories of the past, they leave current problems unsolved.

Original title Viaje a la Alcarria.

Viaje a La Alcarria/ The Trip to Alcarria : Camilo Jose Cela Conde :

From Pareja to Casasana there is no highway, not even a local road, and one has to climb the steep slope by a goat track which at times is almost obliterated. It goes without saying, naturally, that the traveller goes via Casasana. Los tres son mordaces sin exhibirse, puros en el retrato naturalista y sagaz la alcarrja de su discurso cuando nos llevan a la tierra de nadie de la existencia. There is one point, however, when the traveler identifies himself in passing.

Journey to the Alcarria: Travels through the Spanish Countryside

Written in the third person, the book tells us nothing about its traveler’s history, his political views, or much else; the family that he mentions in the first chapter are not given names or personalities, they are left behind as Cela sets out and not mentioned again. View all 29 comments. It is an escape book written with happiness by someone who has “taken the key of the fields”and this is one of the most rigorous, most important contemporary Spanish writers.


These vignettes are narrated in a fresh, clear prose that is wonderfully evocative. Es cierto que la historia en si no existe, pero los personajes y las situaciones tienen una autenticidad impresionante. It is interesting, but knowing little of the area or really of Spain in general, I couldn’t really relate to it.

The traveler meets many townfolk, animals, stops to drink, smoke, and nap a lot. Alcarria is a natural region of New Castile with unclear boundaries. IN he as awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. Much more than a travel guide from Cela and as ever words of wisdom ‘to push any article you’ve got to put yourself out and have a lot of patience; take a lot of trouble and put up with a lot, because otherwise you don’t get anywhere” hmmm.

Journey to the Alcarria – Wikipedia

Here he travelled the paths, villages and landscape of Alcarria in Castile-La Mancha. Found a copy online HERE!

Pastrana camiloo their jsoe to the writer. He alcarira, however, less kind with animals. There was something about the way that the author, referring to himself in the third person as the traveller, observed the countryside and the people in it in great detail, but without judgement. Pero los motes, los prejuicios sobre los de los pueblos vecinos, el aplastante peso de los oropeles pasados que ahoga la idea de cambiar las cosas, de reivindicar lo propio frente a los razonamientos de los que mandan en la distancia He met all kinds of people along the way and shared his food, drink and tobacco with fellow travellers, tramps and beggars.

Journey to the Alcarria is quiet and unassuming, observant and beautiful. Uncrowded, it is picturesque and rugged, well watered and fertile in the valleys. Open Preview See a Problem?

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