Canon Et QL17 manual online. Canonet QL17 Film Camera pdf manual download. Film Camera Canon Canonet G III QL17 Instructions Manual. (28 pages). Canon. G-II QL. CANON. CANON. SN: NO. 50 CO. Canonet QL (1 Focusing Lever Before using your Canonet G-III, Insert the battery on the tab in. The Canonet QL 17 GIII is the final, high-end version of Canon’s famous It offers shutter-priority autoexposure, or unmetered manual mode. Steven Gandy’s overview at Cameraquest; Canonet QL17 versus the Leica M6.

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The battery off switch is effectively the lens cap, or a camera bag. Your name or email address: Appearance of the item.

Canon Canonet QL 17 GIII – – The free camera encyclopedia

The Canonet QL17 QL stand for quick load, in case you were wonderingboasts a leaf shutter, making it quiet and very stable. With the metering cell in on the filter ring, a lens cap means no light to the metering cell, which means no current flow through the metering circuit. It is my favorite for the following reason: Weight 22 oz without film. This is a very good stealth camera, especially if you have the black version. There’s a small fresnel lens in front of the CdS cell.

The light sealing had replaced.


I can’t get the metering to work, and this is probably due to incorrect battery. That said, the film door opens unintentionally if I press on it the wrong way. Most of the Olys are there too with some Konica csnonet others. I love that camera. A half-roll or film wasted, but that’s a minor inconvenience to having a good-as-new 40 year old camera functional again! The circuitry in the camera holds up well against slightly higher voltages, so you can use a PXA alkaline battery as a drop-in replacement, but you will find your exposures tend to be slightly off.


However, I vanonet to know if this camera seems to be working properly in Automatic mode.

Outwardly the rewind crank is shaped differently and the “GIII” nampelate is not present. Put the camera in manual in order to turn off the meter and save the battery when not in use. Only the autoexposure system requires a battery, however. Tested with a modern battery. The quick load function means no fiddling about making sure that the leader is aligned with the spools correctly, just load the film to the colored tab, close the door and crank the film advance.

John Goodman’s light seal kits are excellent for this. If cabonet canonet meter is not calibrated for a modern battery silver oxyde SR44 let’s say which is the best replacement canpnet the mercury battery for canonet cause it’s voltage is almost constant all the battery life you can see where the needle is when you press the battery check button and than adjust the ISO settings to compensate for the voltage difference.

All fixed now and working! Gii like to provide efficient and quick service. Push the tab in with the screwdriver blade and then turn the ring. It canoent a great 6 element 40mm 1: For parts or not working.

Canon et QL17 Manual

Correct film loading window: Find More Posts by fawate. The meter is completely off in manual mode, so it will not suggest an aperture setting to use. It takes the hard to find batteries. Strangely enough, Nikon did not compete in the compact RF genre. The battery check function will drain the battery at a faster rate.

Canon Canonet QL17 GIII

If the red bars in the window below the lever advance move, you have the camera loaded properly. The ISO ring tab has a little notch in it meant for a fingernail, I think. If you have a flash for your SLR, it may have this capability. I picked it out of a group of auctions because it is less common than the GIII. It offers shutter-priority autoexposure, or unmetered manual mode.


I want to run a roll of film through it in Automatic mode to see how well the meter works, but I also don’t want to waste a roll if it doesn’t. Although I made it work, Jon’s kit and instructions are hard to beat. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

PS- the seals are very easy to replace on the camera- I did it myself a couple of years back. I manuual shot a couple rolls with it. Other functions work properly. Symbols for sunny, clouds, and dark clouds can be found on the lens barrel near the film speed lock. It also features a quick load QL film loading system that works quite remarkably.

Now, to load it up and make some pictures. I had to do an unorthodox repair on the battery compartment. What are the differences between these two models the second and third versions, not the origianl with the 45mm lens?

Its specifications are pretty nifty for its genre. The price is the real winner because the camera was very cheap when released. I think the battery check light really only works “right” with a long-unavailable mercury battery. There manuaal substitutes though, you can get an adapter to use modern cells or you can do what I do which is buy a Wein mercury replacement zinc air battery.

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