User Manual Library .. MANUALS · ADDITIONAL PRODUCT SUPPORT · SERVICE & REPAIR · ABOUT SUPPORT. DRIVERS . Color imageCLASS MFc. Color imageCLASS MFc. Drivers & Downloads; Manuals. Technical support for this product is provided exclusively through our Knowledge Base. Please. View and Download Canon ImageCLASS MFc basic manual online. Canon All in One Printer Canon MF Series Service Manual. All in one printer.

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Actual srrvice are determined by individual dealers and may vary. Be sure to insert the envelopes completely. Chapter 3 F 3 Remove the 2 screws [1] of the side; then, remove the 3 claws [2] to detach F the right cover [3]. F 3 Remove the 2 screws [1] from the side; Do not send defective cartridges for replacement. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout. Placing a Document on the Platen Glass Open the platen glass cover.

Remove the jammed paper. Make sure that the toner cartridge you want to replace is at the position for replacing.

Removing The Background Color Removing the Background Color You can adjust the background color by specifying the level from between 1 and 5 so that you can erase the background color of the document on the copy. ADF paper sensor [3]. When mounting the main drive assembly, be sure to fit the gear [2] as shown with the drive release lever [1] in down position i.

Dimension W x D x H. F 2 Remove the 2 claws [1], and detach the sensor cover [2]. Load the paper stack so that the bottom of the page touches the paper guide.

When the power is turned on or the top cover is closed, the DCNT Board determines the presence or absence of the cartridge by monitoring the following two items: Loading Paper Loading Paper This section describes how to load paper in the cassette and the multi-purpose tray. G3 signal transmission test The modem sends G3 signals from the modular jack and the speaker.

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Documents You Can Copy For information on the types of documents you can copy, their requirements, and details on setting up documents, refer to Chapter 3, “Document Handling. Chapter 2 In full-color printing, as four toner layers in each colors are piled up on the ITB in primary transfer, the holding force of toner weakens as the transfer process progresses for the 1st color, 2nd color Precautions for Handling the Drum Cartridge In the event of major changes in the contents of this manual over a long or short period, Canon will issue a new edition of this manual.

Document Handling This chapter describes the types of documents you can scan or copy with this machine and how to set them on the platen glass.

The illustration below shows how to place an LTR-size document on the platen glass.


Paper Guide Load the paper stack so that the bottom of the page touches the paper guide. Then, when the printer enters the standby status, the CPU drives loads such as the laser diodes, motors, solenoids, etc. Remove the drum cartridge from the machine.

NOTE Right after the machine is restored from the energy saver mode, or right after copying finishes, wait about 15 seconds before pressing [Energy Saver].

Scnt Board Chapter 3 F F 3. Do not use any transparencies designed for color copiers. Chapter 1 Main drive assembly Developing rotary assembly Registration shutter assembly Fixing assembly 1. Confirm the color of the label on the toner cartridge holder, then take out a toner cartridge of the same color from the protective bag.

Canon ImageCLASS MF8180c Basic Manual

Features are subject to change without notice due to product improvements. Therefore, after transferring the first color, the primary transfer DC positive bias is increased for the toner in the rest of the colors to gain the holding force of the toner.

Platen aervice co ver Platen glass F 4. Make sure the paper stack in the cassette or multi-purpose tray does not exceed the capacity of the cassette or multi-purpose tray. Load the cleaning page with the printed side facing down and wide edge with the largest blank space entering the multi-purpose tray first.


Color imageCLASS MF8180c

Image Density Calibration d-max Control Chapter 2 2. Chapter 5 Tool name Tool No. Auxiliary development In this step, CPU applies DC bias onto the toner that was not charged by frictional electrification.

Push down the plate of the paper cassette to lock it. Top Cover Chapter 3 3. There are no Recommended Downloads available.

F Enlarged View of the Paper Retainer F When attaching the top cover, be sure to fit the link lever [2] while keeping the drive release lever [1] in up position i. Chapter 3 down the machine. If you are fitting the drum cartridge in the machine with the top cover re- 3.

Chapter 3 F 3 With care, shift down the machine to the left; then, remove the 8 screws [2] from the bottom, and detach the lower case assembly [3]. Removing the Background Color You can adjust the background color by specifying the level from between 1 and 5 so that you can erase the background color of the document on the copy. Chapter 3 F F 3. F Make sure that all cables on the fixing film unit are hooked into the fixing separation guide when reassembling the guide.

Copying Copying This chapter explains how to make copies, adjust scan settings to improve the image quality, and enlarge or reduce the copy sizes. The displayed color and printed color differ when printing photos, etc.

Printer User Manual

Removing The Scanner Unit Chapter 3 When closing the reader assembly, be sure to push m8f180c the arm [1] first. Print Quality Problems The print quality is not what you expect; print is not clear, has missing dots or white streaks.

Use the numeric keys to enter the number of copies you want. This is what causes black lines on copies.

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