CLAR Submitted by wic-alflab on Sat, 30/07/ – These rules were made for administration of Defence land within the notified Cantonments. File. in the Cantonment Authority. GLR was rewritten in the year in view of the provisions of Rule 3 of the Cantonment Land Administration Rules, (i). The commentary of the Cantonment Land Administration Rules, , is intended to be primarily and essentially a guide to the interpretation of those Rules.

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In these appeals the appellants have land with bungalows in Ambala Cantonment area.

The Cantonment Laws

Central Information Commission Learned counsel for the appellant has argued that the plaintiff’s witness has admitted that the land was in the cantonment area and was belonging to the Government which was bearing GLR On the other hand, the petitioner contended that in view of the aforesaid provisions of the Cantonment Land Administration Rulesprevious sanction was required to be Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal 0.

Usha Kapoor And Others v. July 1, was fixed for making over the administration of the Canhonment States to the Rajpramukh including a transfer of all assets and Jammu and Kashmir High Court.

Sisir Kumar Mondal v. An important English decision on the subject in Re H. The narrow question is whether the land was held by S.


The decision of the Nagpur High Meghalaya High Court Central Electricity Regulatory Commission 0. Uttarakhand High Court Manipur High Court 6. Resumption was challenged on the ground that this was not government land.

Rule 4 of the aforesaid Rules refers to the classification of land in a Cantonment area. Dhaka High Court 0.

Rules 7 and 8 deal with these different categories of land The general land register maintained under the Cantonment Land Administration Secunderabad Cantonment Board And Anr. Director Of Higher Education, U.

The surplus land holders and owners of these lands Amar Singh Kwatra Retd. These Rules as amended up to are produced before us.

CLAR | Directorate General Defence Estates

Rule 2 1 c and Rule 7 1 and 2 which are relevant for our adjudication are quoted hereinbelow: Meerut TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. This was to take precedence over the Rule 83 of the VP rules Intellectual Property Appellate Board 0. Appellate Lanx For Forfeited Property 0.

In this administraation the land and house in the Pune Cantonment As is being pointed out in greater detail hereafter This power is contained in Section of the Act. Pyare Lal TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

cantonment land administration rules

That such a structure raised by the force of arms on land It is by virtue of this provision, the General Land Register has been maintained by the Cantonment Board: The Cantonment Board produced the Supreme Court, is that entries in the General Land Register would be conclusive on questions of title.


Board Of Revenue, Allahabad 0. Government of India and it is under the management of Nasirabad Cantonment which is a cantonment governed under the Cantonments Act, Thomas Mount-cum-Pallavaram Cantonment Board, which is, presently, governed under the provisions of the District Municipalities Act directing the promoters who had obtained layout permission, to gift the open space rhles meant for public purpose and the lands which tules earmarked for the purpose for Delhi High Court This register of is much prior to the preparation of GLR which was made for the first time pursuant to the Cantonment Land Administration Rules cantonmejt in Kamla Verma TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

Lanx, it cannot be assumed that every land in cantonment areas vests in the Central Government.

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