Find great deals for Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples and Hahn ( , Paperback, Revised). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter, a newbie or even just someone with a passing interest in advertising, John Caples’ book Tested. Here are all the proven selling techniques to remove the guesswork from advertising, making it a science of sure results. From writing the headline to making the.

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I can’t wait to read this a few more times.

Tested Advertising Methods : John Caples :

Didnt think that a book on proven advertising methods would have some valuable ideas for me. Advertising juries give too much weight to fine writing. Dec 10, PS Chua rated it it was amazing Shelves: Uniformly, the answer was an enthusiastic “Yes! I owe him my long belated thanks. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

The 35 Headline Formulas of John Caples | Lars Lofgren

History Paperback Books Revised Edition. Eric Zurbuchan, Marc Duke Copy: Some advertisers do this in the mistaken notion that it is smart, modern, and sophisticated. That is why they skid hopelessly about on the greasy surface of irrelevant brilliance. ALL four appeals concentrate on what is best for the buyer. It was an eye-opener. Caples wrote to persuade adver- tising professionals to his scientific approach. Of course, the advertisimg counts, too.


They make one advertising dollar do the work of several dollars. Much of Caples’ discussions assumed the resources of a major agency. Warn the Reader to Delay Buying Most headlines urge you to buy something. I hope this edi- tion conveys them. Jack got a call from the advertising manager of the company occupying Booth The desire to outshine our neighbors — and let them know it!

Be the first to ask a question cples Tested Advertising Methods. Cpales reception was hardly what he expected. The point of all this is that what an advertisement says is more important than how it is said.

The 35 Headline Formulas of John Caples

And in many ccaples the opinions were merely personal and did not even reflect industry rules-of-thumb. Find out why and apply it the next time.

Using Caples as its copywriting bible, this “totally reengineered” advertising is proving the all-time winner! Yet the advertisement did not bring many replies, probably because the headline was unbelievable.

Tested Advertising Methods

Tell a story with about a dozen facts in all, plus the promise of a great price and a free catalog. Via mail-order advertising he had learned about testing copy.

Capless headlines will give you the most sales with the least amount of effort. If you aim that ad at older men and women who often have difficulty grasping smaller objects, will Ad No.


This chapter presents a checklist of 35 headline formulas that have worked successfully in the past and may be expected to work successfully in the future.

As you review these formulas, with your product or service in mind, you may find a formula that will give you a good headline you can use. Find out why and apply it the next time. Right and Wrong Methods oj Writing Headlines 37 Now, I spend ccaples on headlines — days if necessary. For example, a clothing manufacturer found that of all the appeals they tried, the most effective was “Wear these high-grade clothes and you can command a better income. The same formulas can be used in writing the opening sentences of radio and television commercials.

Try to decide which headline would be most likely to stop you if you were turning the pages of a magazine or a newspaper and you were not interested in the advertising at all.

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