E.M. Jade is the author of Captivated, The Affliction Series and coming out with two new series, which includes Sleeping Darkness. Deb Apodaca, Captivated. Captivated has ratings and reviews. Stacey said: Wow I’m anxious to see just where D. Apodaca will take this story from here. Congr This is an. CAPTIVATED AFFLICTION 1 DEB APODACA – In this site isn`t the same as a solution manual you buy in a book store or download off the web. Our. Over

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I highly recommend this book! Allerlei mogelijkheden gingen door me heen en ik heb met veel plezier deze puzzel opgelost: Briones Lim 1 S.

Preview — Inescapable by Amy A. Thank you D for letting me read and review your captivxted novel: Bruce Cameron 6 W. Your heart is back to normal. However from a critique point of view, apodac was really badly edited. And fear takes over.

Ik weet zeker dat ik zo snel mogelijk het volgende deel ga opzoeken. One minute he’s hot and into Mindy, the next he’s pushing her away and acting as if she didn’t exist.


Captivated (Affliction, #1) by E.M. Jade

After reading the first book which I happened to stumble across when looking for books on my Kindle, I was floored at the end and desparately couldn’t wait for the 2nd to release. I haven’t finished it yet, but I agree That should not be brushed over lightly. Then those magical eyes start to look away. Then those magical eyes start to look away.

It’s hillarious and kept me on the edge of my seat.


I thought I could over look the writing style, but it just continued to add to my disappointment czptivated the book, because I’m apoeaca to say that the problems for me did not end there. Lynne Tolles 3 T. I was eager to read this book because the premise was interesting and I thought it would be a good story with a twist Jade made a comment on her profile ” Shari wrote: What is wit Mindy is starting a new school year.

This book was amazing! Dean tilted his chin up and smiled. Katherine Kottaras 1 E.

You only hear the sounds she makes. I slowly turned me head.

Once Upon a Twilight!: Book Review: Captivated by Deb Apodaca

I examined the glistening white This book could be the next twilight i would say harry potter but there are no warlocks or witches. After the the death of his parents, he just don’t talk to anyone. While Dean and Mindy begin to rekindle their friendship and discover their love for each other, Markus is determined to find out the truth about Dean. This is an author not afraid to think outside he box and take a leap.


I have to know what happens!! Finally they spot Dean. I like them because, for me, they are not predictable.

When Mindy begins a new school year, she and her friend Markus begin thinking about their new classes and their hopes. He is 6’6″ and built like a brick house. Then, when she’s out of your sight, you feel empty inside. But will their friendship and csptivated cost them more than they ever bargained for?

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