Carla Viana Coscarelli is the author of Tecnologias para aprender ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews). Carla Viana Coscarelli. Role(s). Artist. Collaborations: Palavrador [Francisco Marinho] [SIGGRAPH ]. Sponsored by: All artwork and text on this site are the. Tecnologias Para Aprender [Carla Viana Coscarelli] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Como aprender usando tecnologias ou o que.

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Materials The main materials of this experiment were two versions of the advertisement: They read the text on the computer screen and typed their answers into specific pages in the computer. Participants The participants of this experiment were fourteen Brazilian undergraduate students majoring in Communication Studies, in their first semester at university Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais.

It is very attractive.

We also present areading model, that may coscareli called linear or serial, which is basedon the theory of the modularity of the mind defended by Fodor We can also ask if we would have the same results when testing students whose vianx of reading proficiency is lower. In this answer, the reader presents a complex relationship of identity between the apple, the drink and sin.

Journal of Semantics, v. That is why they consider the lack of linearity one of the main features of hypertext while we argue that every text is a hypertext since no text is linearand every reading process is essentially hypertextual because reading is not a linear process.

A wide range of inferential possibilities are opened, and new mental spaces can be built, among which the sexual connotation, reinforced by the red color used in the words. We expected, with this experiment, to verify whether the presentation format of this text influences reading comprehension.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Codcarelli is interesting to vianaa that this student presents one detail that was not mentioned by the other students and which does not coscarellli to be part of the most common version of this myth – the fact cosvarelli Adam and Eve “were seduced by the idea of becoming gods” – showing that many different elements can be activated during the comprehension of this text.

Cqrla systematic, this difference could not be considered statistically significant, since the number of students that took part in this specific experiment is considered small 3.


Lately she has developed research on reading, mainly, how people read hypertexts; and digital literacy, trying to fgure out efficient ways to use new technologies in order to contribute to alphabetization and literacy of young children.

The high number of adequate responses to this question shows that the students could build connections among the elements in the text, revealing that they deal with compressions and decompressions during text comprehension. It reveals that they were able to notice the connections between the elements and elaborate different interpretations for the advertisement.

Carla Viana Coscarelli (Author of Tecnologias para aprender)

We notice that these students, unlike those whose answers were considered adequate, elaborated different projections among the mental spaces. Global comprehension was also verifed by the second question – What is the theme of the ad?

Rather than relate the apple to sin and serpent to temptation, he activates a relationship of consuming, which is, in fact, what we may expect in the context of publicity. Vizna parsing and subjacency. Two answers did not follow this pattern:. Attention and Performance XII: This difference can point to the fact that, while reading in this format, the readers need to make more inferences, in order to connect the information presented in the links themselves and between the links and the main text.

Were considered adequate the answers in which the students accomplished the ability tested by the question global comprehension of the text, information retrieving, inference production, and giving opinion. The answer given by Suj46C is one example of changes that need to be noticed in this advertisement.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. ComiXology Thousands coscareelli Digital Comics. In order to verify car,a influence of the presentation format of the text in reading comprehension, we made an experiment in which students who are familiar with computers read an advertisement in one format: Some answers demonstrate how the readers recover different contexts and their frames evoked by Campari and the apple, and how they establish the relationship among them.

Carla Viana Coscarelli

The answers that were not considered adequate do not make it clear if the analogies and connections viama mental spaces were built by the students. We believe that the quick access to information makes the work of finding information in the text easier and stimulates the reader to visna back to the text more often than he usually does when reading continuous texts.


Those answers viaja how students integrated the mental spaces activated. The main materials of coscraelli experiment were two versions of the advertisement: It is worth noticing that in his answer to the first question, this reader Sujl3C says that, in the advertisement, the serpent is being attracted by the apple, indicating that the serpent does not play the role of the agent of seduction, but the role of the one being seduced “there is also a serpent next to the apple, as if she has been attracted by the fruit”.

It seems that hypertext offers a friendlier interface, and a better usability than the continuous format, stimulating students to go back to the text whenever it is necessary in order to find explicit information, to check their comprehension as well as to ratify their answers.

Reading comprehension and readability in educational practice and psychological theory.

Global Comprehension The students’ global comprehension was verifed in two different questions in this text: It is not an obvious relationship, however, since we usually expect the product to be the temptation and the consumer the “victim” of this temptation. They also point to these characteristics as the main reason for the efficiency of this text.

It is temptation in itself. According to him, the absence of the bottle does not matter, what matters is the presence of the label and of the lid, both of which remind us of the nudity of Adam and Eve. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Cala.

Another interesting element on this text is the pronoun “he” in the expressions “he 2 provokes” and “only he is like this”. The answers given by Sujl7H and Suj47H are examples of that: Cognitive context models and discourse.

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