Carlos Castaneda – Wykłąd o Śnieniu- Uploaded Castaneda C.- Magiczne Uploaded Castaneda C.- Wewnętrzny Ogień. Uploaded. Spotkania z Nagualem – Tensegrity Magiczne Kroki. views • 1 year ago. Watched. · Rapesito Medytacje. views • 1 year ago. Watched. Carlos Castaneda said that warriors act not for the sake of gain, but for the sake . Kolejne magiczne kroki☯ Tym razem prezentuje kilka pierwszych kroków z.

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I feel a great strong impulse, which will allow me to move on my path with heart! We all as a group have achieved one perception or position of the assemblage point. Now I get a better idea of who my real enemies are, and it allows me to concentrate my energy on the right place kroik than explode any old how.

Watching the spectacle from the side is a great luck At such moments, the world becomes different and the best facets of people comes to the surface.

I am a person who does not let anything slide in general, or very little, and it feels good to be able to redirect this intransigence of my ego in a useful manner for me, rather than against me and others as I used to do. I intend to use them, because it castxneda happens that you forget or switch to something else. The shift is not so valuable in itself, what is valuable is what happens after the shift of the assemblage point – unusual and unfamiliar views on the current life situation. Join me for a gentle yet warming vinyasa flow yoga practice this morning!

This, I think, is valuable, not just visiting the workshop as a fact, but what remains somewhere very deep inside you, and what you can use further on to based on and from which to make a certain point of reference. Opening Chi flow for real not by imagination!

On the way home, I had a big rise of anxiety to lose this alignment by returning to my routine and then I faced this fear and I found that now my body knows how to connect to infinity, how to maintain this connection and that this fear can be my friend. The details with which it was told, the exercises that we practiced and the bulk of knowledge, which we take with us for personal practice – they are very significant.


And now I feel that this path can develop and that I can go further along this path than I used to go, when I did not have the intention and I gave everything up and went out of the path. Train intelligently not hardly. Soft and Impulsive energy.

And now there is a foretaste of the changes ahead and on how interesting, multiple and exciting my PATH can be! After the seminar the sensation between the shoulder blades was so strong that it became an itch, Catlos had some mood swings, especially feelings of sadness.

I saw all my energy castanedda, why I did not succeed in my new krokki and changes. A lot of work is required, and the introduction of this knowledge is very methodical, it is like a ladder, when we move first by small steps, building a certain foundation, and after this foundation is built, we can already operate terms like energy, as versatility.

Almost in Norway but also almost in Sweden. The tools that were given to us at this workshop helped to see a holistic picture of my life, where I am now and where I am heading, all the parts of my life I see now interconnected and I feel more than ever whole.

After this workshop I will take with me the feeling that I am following the path that I chose, along the path with the heart. For that I am very grateful to have crossed your path, because I think this is the most valuable thing I carlo back from this trip. This whole structure of how these changes exactly can be made… so simple!

The greatest difficulty is listening to this flame and not succumbing to old age that makes me to lover back into the convenience. This practicality of knowledge was so obvious, and so amazing! And again, there is a mqgiczne of mystical view of knowledge – what we love in the books of Carlos Castaneda.

The seminar changed me or rather it allowed me krokk release an imprisoned part of me that I felt deep inside. I feel more relaxed than before, confident, but mostly aligned again. What it means for me to act for the Spirit is one of the questions that I found the answer to at this workshop. I took my responsibilities, I really felt and heard my energy body, it allowed me to connect to the Lineage, to go further than the connection to the instructors, Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan.



These exercises I like them for their pragmatism, they allow me to reach quickly my inner seer and its answers to my questions orient me, as magcizne my mood as my actions in everyday life, that suddenly is warmed by a new flame. They are very simple, easy to use, and they are easy to use every day.

There is something that can be used in everyday life, something that can be implemented to make it more saturated, more capacious, more interesting.

I could live here. Since the end of the seminar I have identified and confronted different enemies and, each time, I have castanead the magic operate. As if all life took a new turn. I can focus on the main things and not spend attention on minor things.

I also felt our group as a single energy body pushed in the same process. Continuing to work together is important and I thank the instructors for providing us with this space. My intentions are already coming true. At this workshop we plunged into the atmosphere, when the impossible becomes possible, into the atmosphere of DREAM.

I can stick to this path, and I’ve taken a lot of tools from this workshop, with which I can do it.


After the workshop, I feel great! Using vibratory and snap to charge the body and maintain it’s vitality. Petersburg, Russia, Visit https: I realized that the mysticism of the knowledge transmitted through the books of Carlos Castaneda is very applicable in the everyday world, and it can even be said that it should just become a part of daily life.

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