a popular shampoo mixture, consisting of olive oil and flaked soap. (a) DCBA. (b) DACB. (c) BDAC. (d) BCDA. CAT – Para Jumbles (CAT Questions). Don’t attempt para-jumbles at all! If there are no options in para-jumbles then don’ t even try to attempt these questions. These questions have four sentences. Para Jumbles or sentence arrangement is a very important topic for CAT. Ace the questions on Para jumbles by learning these simple tips & tricks.

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Know where you stand in Para Jumbles. Sentence 2, which introduces the topic of what stories tell, must be the starting sentence.

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Decide on the proper order for the sentences and key in this sequence of five numbers as your answer. Usually, the important ideas come first, peripheral later. Quite often people visit ailing friends and relatives or go out of their way to help them in their personal matters even during office hours.

Analysts say the new machines will appeal primarily to corporate users. Statement D gives us the answer asked in the opening line.

TinTin on June 17, at Your email address will not be published. But the name of the topic is in a way misleading, because cah are not jumbling paragraphs here but we are actually straightening out jumbled sentences in a paragraph. It is usually easier to put together a jigsaw puzzle once we know what the picture represents. Closely reading the sentences we see that the passage is about placebo effects.


As soon as we capture a story, the world we were trying to capture has changed. Well, we must take advantage of the fact that that does not happen in these questions. The directions for solving it are simple these are the ones issued by CAT as well: The five sentences parajukbles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 given in this question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph.

What Sherlock Holmes can teach you about Parajumbles in CAT

On the other hands, ordinary citizens have put the campaign behind them. Statement E forms the pretty obvious start, and its continuation is in fact statement C and not A. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Use them as final pieces of evidence — a confirmation of what parajumblee have already deduced. Statement C again talks about the working mannerisms of people, thereby becoming an extension of Statement A. Therefore the use caat personal pronoun in a sentence can imply that the person or thing being referred to was mentioned in a previous statement.

Wherever Western scholars have worked on the Indian past, the selection is even more apparent and the inventing of a tradition much more recognizable.

Para-Jumbles – CAT @ Wordpandit

If you observe that the change of the tense between any two sentences occurs without a justification, you are looking at a wrong link. You can understand the difficulty yourself.


All that you needed to do was identify the purpose of these two statements and you would have arrived at the answer, that is option 1. This is the hard way out in the given situation but you got to do what you need to. Sentence 2 which introduces the placebo effect must be the starting sentence.

With regard to defence, the purpose of the military is to defend the nation and be prepared to do battle with its enemy. And even if we manage to get them quite right, they are only right for us — other people living around us will have different reasons for telling similar stories.

Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph. In most cases a sentence with a pronoun pzrajumbles follow a sentence with its antecedent noun.

Sentence 3 further elaborates on chemical reactions, started by lightning, which affects nitrogen. Verbal Ability – Parajumble – Before plants can take life from atmosphere says: A sample question In order to provide you with a simple starting point, solve the question below.

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