Catálogo Abrasivos Edenta (Laboratório). p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Description. Catálogo Abrasivos Edenta (Laboratório). Catálogo Abrasivos Edenta (Clínica). p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Description. Catálogo Abrasivos Edenta (Clínica). Preço Catálogo: 31,85 €. Promoção: 25 Preço Catálogo: 36,00 €. Promoção: Scheftner. Bego. Zhermack. Erkodent. Edenta. Polirapid. Madespa. Al Dente.

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Also suitable for removing cement residue from orthodontic bands brackets. Grain super catalobo fin Cupules et disques pour le polissage sousgingival et inter-dentaire. Produces a perfect finish without damaging the enamel.

Materiais e Equipamentos Dentários – TacasDental

Polishers impregnated with high-grade polishing agents suitable for rapid initial reduction and finishing of amalgam fillings. Polishers impregnated with high-grade polishing agents for rapid finishing and edetna gloss polishing. We reserve the right to modify our range of products and their design as well as to deviate from the illustrations and data shown. For polishing porcelain surfaces to a highlustre, producing a natural sheen without the use of polishing paste.


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Polishing cup polish subgingival interproximal surfaces safely. Einfache Anwendung und Zeitersparnis bei optimalster Polierleistung. Coarse grit For pre – grinding, for quick and bulk material reduction. Discs — Polishing convex surfaces, ideal for polishing smooth surfaces of anterior teeth. Polierer mit speziellen Poliermitteln zum Finieren, Polieren und zur Hochglanz – Politur mit antioxidantischer Wirkung.

Apply only light pressure when preparing.

For smoothing the surfaces and preparation for final polishing. Ideal for polishing the junction between the porcelain and metal. Polishers impregnated with high-grade polishing agents for high-lustre polishing. Polishers impregnated with high-grade polishing agents for prepolishing.

Medium – coarse grit. Universal polisher, suitable for all alloys. Finishing, for rapid material reduction. Produces natural intraoral contours and aesthetics. CeraPro Abrasiv Trimmer mit Naturdiamantkorn. Superfine grit For high-shine polishing without additional final glaze.

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Flexi-Snap Polishing discs produce less surface roughness than conventional discs, which results in a higher lustre. Embed or link this publication.


Embed or link this publication. O D Komplettes Produktesortiment urch unsere Forschung und Entwicklung garantieren wir ein Produktesortiment welches immer dem aktuellen Stand der Technik entspricht. Specifically developed for gently polishing porcelain and all-ceramic restorations zirconia.

Polishers for finishing and polishing porcelain surfaces. High-lustre polishers suitable for gold, composite, semi-precious alloys. Can be taken over the tooth enamel when polishing without damaging the enamel. The instruments are suitable for the latest preparation techniques and materials with fewer instrument changes and a shorter preparation time. Polishers impregnated with highgrade polishing agents for Lustre polishing.

Polishing disks for creating a natural highlustre on all composite materials. Polissage, pour le lissage superficiel Etape 3: Grain super – fin.

Produces a smooth, durable surface polish.

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