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We will support you by permanently adding new products and finding new applica-tions for you! Chose the right More information.

We appreciate Jean-Claude Roeckel in the middle has 40 years of experience within the fastening business. Defects found during unloading should be noted on the carrier transport documents if possible documented with photos.

Products, packaging and displays are designed to attract interest, infor and guide, because when the store visitor is given relevant inforation, the chances for a sale increases.

Flat front akes it easy to staple close to a wall Long working life with hardwearing parts in steel Ergonoic design with soft grip handle Safety trigger 2. You can freely ove back and forth between cataloghe loops, recording Real and Software. Some people like to More information. We carry spare parts for all of our tools in stock.


Increases, up to twice the air pressure. As a alsaafix of this, we can offer a thought-through adaptation of the product range good, better and best and shelf layout using Space Manageent.

Suitable for the removal and rapid cutting of a wide range of mate-rials. After doing so, choose your desired leg length and pick a suitable tool for these particular needs. Prices on the order confirmation send by us will be the valid prices for the contract. Ideal for fastening of roofing and insulation aterial and dap proof coursing.

High perforance over a long, deanding working life. This product is characterized by a combination of decisive characteristics: In the absence of endorsement on the shipping documents the quantitative claims are not accepted.

Tiler burin Lenght x largeur 50 mm. Quick and easy botto-loading with no loose parts Well balanced with non-slip ergonoic handle All steel, heavy-duty construction R Haer Tacker Holster R Haer Tacker Holster High quality haer tacker holster especially designed for our R odel. We call it Taking Care of Toorrow. You will be able to fur-ther develop your activities by offering system solutions to your customers. Lots of energy and powerful.

Precision Turbo Catalog Beautiful Catalogue Alsafix by Jeremy Kiefer issuu – centennial

Ideal for furniture upholstery, decorative work with diverse textile types or fastening of quilts, posters or leather. Lighting installation, sanitary and dis-tribution.


We even supply cordless odels that offer outstanding user obility. The ISO certificate and its know how is well appreciated at both the customers and competitors. We cannot be held liable for damages related to improper handling and storing of the goods.

Compliance with these drawings will be the basis for eventual complaints. Product range overview http: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants content Fresh thinking for decision akers Opportunities for obile telephone operators in rural areas Custoers in the countryside are different They need unique offerings.

Is it possible to develop staple guns that are easy to fire and siultaneously allow the user to decide how uch power should be used? This versatile system is the market leader More information.

Otc Heavy Duty Catalog Luxury Catalogue Alsafix 2018 by Jeremy Kiefer issuu

LED work light provides good illumination of the work environment, even in the darkest places. To remove the tiles. For ease of installation and continued enjoyment of. Our flexible systems primary and secondary packaging for single and multi packages, can transport your goods from one.

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