From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting you in these Next, with a completely redesigned catalogue that focuses on our products, their. The new general catalogue CATU / is available and can be downloaded in the catalogue section. Enjoy your reading! The company · Solutions. From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting Next, with a completely redesigned catalogue that focuses on our products IEC

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Clamp with tapped revolving rod end M8. This device is not voltage detector.

To be used with a harness. M 1 all cattu carrying bag. After connection, the device is immediately live, as indicated by two and Volts lights.

Reference mm mm g MO 12 1 Mobile safety line Adjustable strap. Weight 91 91 Jumper clamps, cables and accessories Jumper cables LV live working tools. Moulded insulating material, one-piece. Conventional gloves Thickness max. Elastic wrists, ankles, and waist in the back.


Connecting test probe by standard socket. Hexagonal 12 mm, K: MV Safety Boots Exposure to oils, hydrocarbons.

The DT can bypass the phase and neutral in order to protect sensitive equipment electronics, computers, etc. Gloves should be stored in their packaging, without being compressed or folded. Access downhole depth 26 mm. See the conversion table page 21 for the correct size based on the insulated glove. Protection through obstacles or distancing, see chapter Safety padlocks and warning signs.

| Le monde de la sécurité électrique

Clamp with tapped revolving rod end M8, A shunt. Reference m mm CM 1. Long Gloves Long composite gloves for insulating the hand and arm. Even when in storage, a cataligue cannot be used without having been tested within the last six months.

CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue 2012-2013

Indestructible lightweight TPU end pieces, extra wide joules. Dual Material Insulating Tools Orange insulating outer layer. Size S to 3 XL on request.


Very compact and lockable. For shunt A. A double-locking system instantly stops the rope. Tensioning equipment Hoist ratchet and guying equipment Hoist ratchet Double automatic ratcher.

CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue |

Hook stick hook pole Cutting capacity: Checks the continuity of metal masses. This projector cahu an arrow carrying a braided nylon wire which sets the rope. Mobile drum on axis can be removed; processed steel rollers.

CATU Shows its innovation ability for the welfare of the electrical world. EN A Double safety descent device Double safety manual descent device. Adjusting the height position. Surrounded by a rubber impact-resistant padding.

While remaining on, it indicates the good working order of the detector.

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